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Machotaildrop….a “Fantastical and farcical journey”

Winners of Fuel TV’s million dollar short film contest, Corey Adams and Alex Craig have created a satirical indictment of our logo-laden, consumerist culture which is equal parts comedy and fable, and 100% just plain weird.

Take the 1971 Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, set it at the enigmatic headquarters of the world’s most famous skateboard conglomerate, imbue it with the off-kilter humour of Wes Anderson and the fantastical surrealism of Terry Gilliam and Michel Gondry, and you have Machotaildrop.

Walter Rhum dreams of escaping his boring, small town existence and becoming a professional skateboarder. He sends a golden highlight reel to the world-famous Machotaildrop skateboard company and is chosen to come to their headquarters, a remote country estate with a half-pipe sitting on a lake, to study under its eccentric leader, The Baron, and ride alongside his idol, Blair Stanley. At first, everything seems normal for Walter. He has his own room, is fed roast goose in bed, provided with a custom wardrobe and groomed for stardom. His bashful personality is a hit, launching his new signature skateboard to massive sales.

Fecal face blog has done an interview with Corey Adams the writer and director of Machotaildrop. Check it out and learn a little more about the making of.