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Time Piece by Plain T



Time, it does not exist. Right? Or at least it is about as real as state borders and longitudinal lines. Yet, this human construct is how we frame our lives. It tells us when to get up in the morning, when we can go home from work, or even when to eat. So it is no surprise that we as humans have been obsessed with creating functional and beautiful timepieces since time was of the essence.

            And nobody owns the creation of time like the Swiss, and mainly the swatch group. We all remember the hay days of the Swatch Watch, (and if you don’t, please leave our site now) inexpensive plastic fashion watches with real Swiss movements! Swatch means second watch and it was hot to wear more than one at a time, 80’s teens could often be found wearing 2 to 10 watches at once. Artists like Vivienne Westwood, Basquiat and Keith Haring were commissioned to design special models for Swatch, which took them to a cult status. Now days the Swatch watch is mostly overlooked here in North America, but few realize how broad the Swatch group is. Within the Swatch family are names like Calvin Klein, Rado, Tissot, and prestige brands like Omega, Breguet, Longines, and Glashutte. Pictured above is a Longines skeleton watch, skeleton is an industry term that refers to the watches movements being visible to the wearer, as you might imagine this design is a watch makers favorite. So weather you have $50 to drop on a watch or $500,000 there is a model for you, even though your ¼ million-dollar time piece still wont guarantee you wont miss your lunch date.