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documenting war

War is a reality and the documentation of it is very important. A very touchy subject, and a gruesome one at that. I read this morning how the Associated Press is getting grief for distributing a photo that was captured of Joshua Bernard, a 21 year old Marine fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was taken after he was hit with a rocket powered grenade and mortally wounded. This photo was shot by Julie Jacobson of the AP and this is what she had to say about it,”To ignore a moment like that simply … would have been wrong. I was recording his impending death, just as I had recorded his life moments before walking the point in the bazaar,” she said. “Death is a part of life and most certainly a part of war. Isn’t that why we’re here? To document for now and for history the events of this war?”

However hard it is to look at…we need to see it. If this isn’t seen then it dosent exist. It needs to exist to make a personal connection to those of us sitting at our desks sipping our morning coffee. I’m not saying there isn’t a boundary being over stepped for the family but its worth it for the world to see what they do so well to ignore. This could have been your loved one. This is the war you support. This is the war you ignore. This is us keeping the peace.


Weekend Warrior project with Bill Thomas

The water cooler conversation goes something like this….Hey Harry, how was your weekend? 

Harry replies, well since you asked, I flew to Ramadi, in Western Iraq. While on the ground with the Animal Company 3rd 103rd Armor. We felt the hight of the Sunni insurgency and were able to come home to talk about it. 

Long time buddy and shooter Bill Thomas took on the challenge of illustrating a civilian point of view on a business that traditionally has been a Government job.