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Brent Humphreys- Le Tour


The Tour de France fever has hit the studio. While at the Specialized bikes sales meeting the Tour was on the big screen and 700 passionate people watched as Lance Armstrong, even in third place, hogged all the air time. Talking about the Tour at Nemo with  Ryan Barrett, he shared the work of Brent Humphreys from Austin, Texas. 

The site is paced to give the viewer the sensation of looking thru a book with out the cheesy flash page flippper. The Le Tour project was a natural extension of Brent’s sense of humor and respect for the sport. 


The Le Tour project will run at Mellow Jonny’s, Austin Texas from 7/09/09 until 7/31/09.

Photo Of The Day


The Defgrip crew turned me on to this photo project by Brent Humphreys on the Tour de France. It is an artistic look at the lifestyle of the tour and the dedicated fan following. Hope you enjoy!