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The Continental Crawler… part 3

They’re almost here….

The Continental Crawler: Episode Three from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.
I love, love, love, the cheese curd taste test!

Episode 2 of the Continental Crawler

Watch the adventures of on of our favorite photographers, Michael Cogliantry, and clan get closer to their new home town of portland…

The Continental Crawler: Episode Two from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.

The Continental Crawler

Our photographer friend, Michael Cogliantry- the Furry Kama Sutra Guy- is on his way here to Portland, OR. He and his lovely family have discovered the beauty of the great Northwest and are documenting their trek across country. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! Enjoy episode 1….

The Continental Crawler: Episode One from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.