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Pop stars don’t like model releases.

Apparently the cool new thing in pop music these days is to create a cool album cover, and forge the model release. A few months ago, indie-pop band Vampire Weekend released their long-awaited new album, featuring a retro-looking (and attractive) woman on the cover. Turns out she didn’t want to be there. The woman ended up suing the band for $2 million, claiming the 1983 photo of her was used in their Contra album cover art without her consent.
And now, Dido (I could barely remember her too, don’t worry) is in a similar situation. Her new album cover is a 1984 photograph of NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless hovering above the earth, and Mr. McCandless is pretty pissed about it. Although his face is unrecognizable in the photo, “according to his lawsuit, the Dido album cover identifies him as the astronaut in the picture. And the same image appears on NASA’s web site, identifying McCandless as the subject of the photo.” Not only is Dido getting sued, but Getty Images is getting thrown in as well since they were responsible for licensing the image. Sounds like Bruce is about to get paid.
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