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Insane Jail Sentence For Street Artist “poster boy”


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Poster Boy is a New York City based street artist. By using a razor, Poster Boy slices up advertisements in the subway system to create completely original works of art. Due to the illegal nature of his work, Poster Boy remains anonymous. Well, anonymous until the recent events involving the young artist being sentenced to nearly a year in prison! Read more on the scorned judge who passed this rediculious verdict! Come on! I cant believe its a crime to make harmless art and have some fun with our surroundings by reconstructing the visual stimulants that are constantly forced upon us!

Martha Cooper’s Tag Town

Tag Town, is a new book of photos from photographer Martha Cooper. Published by Dokument Forlag, this is the first book to showcase early tags in their context. It’s a lesson in street art, containing early photos of tags dating back to the 1960s. Back in the ’80s, Cooper shot NYC’s infant tagging graffiti scene that included only a handful of artists. This was the absolute beginning of what you call street art today and Cooper recorded it tirelessly. She did this out of curiousness, pure interest and love. She thought this was a movement of the minute. She had no idea that her lens was capturing the very beginning of one the greatest art movements of our time.
Take a gander, she’s got a ton of cool shit to say.

For more of her interview and to check out some of her pictures see the Fecal Face blog.

Banksy new work

When I was in NY last, I picked up a book for TG on Banksy’s art. His street art is really amazing, but this newest venture may take the cake. It’s so bizarre!!! The “Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill” is a tiny storefront that opened without notice or fanfare in NY. It has drawn confused crowed to its “animals” displays such as chicken mcnuggets, drinking from a communal bbq sauce, hot dogs under heat lamps in aquariums, and a leopard in a tree. Read more about it at the Wooster Collective or check out the photos and video below…

Just a taste…

I’ve been off traveling for work and pleasure, so I’ve been neglecting my blog duties, but Kari, Todd, Alex and Trevor have done a STELLAR job of posting interesting stuff in my absence (and when I’m here, as well). I have so much to write about, I don’t know where to start. 

I’ve been in NYC for the Le Book Connections event. I’ve got lots of photographers and agencies to rant about… but I’ll post in bits to keep you interested. I’ve also got great news to come on NY gallery shows, the lovely Dona and NYC street art. 

Before heading to NY, I shot up north to Connecticut  to visit my lovely Gram. Here’s me and Gram (obviously on an earlier trip, but we found some great old photos that I couldn’t pass up sharing). Highlight of the Grandma trip was definitely water aerobics at the retirement community!