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New Sony BRAVIA comercial… where have I seen this before??

Back around 05/06 I stumbled across an amazing Sony commercial for their EU brand BRAVIA, It was titled simply “Balls” directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. (we’ll get back to him in a second.) It has to be the most stunning commercial I’ve seen to date for a mainstream brand. (its better viewed in High Def, not youtube quality.) The best part, no computers were used to add CG balls at anytime! What you see actually took place on the streets of S.F. Bravia commercials have always been massive productions, exponentially pleasing the eyes of their European consumer with each ad while never losing site thus keeping it creative and unique along the way. See more here.

Fast forward to 2008. Sony has extended their colorful BRAVIA branches to the Asia Pacific market. Seems fair enough they hire a production Co. from the region expect to sell to. Enter Bates 141, out of Singapore. This being their inaugural commercial for BRAVIA, a lot is riding on a project like this. One would think, all stops must be pulled, bars must be raised and need to squeeze all creative juices out to make a banger of an ad, right? Wrong.

Take a look at their ad HERE. Hmm, slow motion shots coupled with pretty, soft vocals and acoustic strings. Strange how that seems all too familiar. Just coincidence right, yeah… Until I started doing a little digging and found this little number. (click here) Strange, another ad with a domino theme, just another coincidence…sure. But I found it odd that the director of both the BRAVIA “Balls” and Guinness’s “Tipping Point” happen to be Nicolai Fuglsig! Wow, I find it hard to believe Bates 141 did not do it’s research, this is just damn embarrassing. Oh, I love how the Bates slogan happens to be: “Change Happens, When You Look At Things Differently.” Really Bates? Come on.

OH, P.S.! Half the domino shots were CG… Booooooo!