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Kevin Pearce Will Ride Again!

I read this article in the NY Times about kevin getting on a snowboard again and my heart skipped a beat! This boy who was at the top of the snowboard bracket when i met him, and yet still one of the most humble and kind people in the industry, is now going to be stepping back on to a board as man who has overcome hardships many of us cant even imagine.

The new york times stated “For the first time since Pearce’s life-altering accident, he will strap on a snowboard and glide down a mountain. He plans to ride Tuesday afternoon at Breckenridge, Colo., surrounded by friends in the snowboarding community and anyone else who wants to tag along.”

Photo By Kari Rowe

Congratulations Kevin! Wish we could be there with you in more than just spirit!

Sending our positive energy your way Kev!

Studio Nemo

Nike Vision Winter Wear

I have to say that alot of the shoots we produce end up in our design department and i dont end up seeing the final results until they are in print of online. Its kind of exciting that way. To wait and see how our vision in the photo department corresponds with their design needs.

A recent example is the nike vision website. GO BOYS! Nice job with the shoot. The images look almost just as we directed and produced. We love it when that happens.

A special thanks to Adam Haynes,  Mark Thompson and Colin for modeling and riding. As well as  Tim Zimmerman and Bump Films for shooting.

Moving Forward

For all you shredders out there that think helmets aren’t cool….you might change your mind after this.

Burton and Red Wing made a baby, his name is rover.

Its a snowboard boot people! That’s right, in this day and age there is no reason, unless you have baby feet like me, to not have a pair of fashionable and functional snow boots for shredding the gnar. With Nike Snow’s constantly upgraded Zoom boots, and now the new Burton x Red Wing ‘Rover’ boot you have fashionable options!

HCSC Session 2: SUCCESS!

Looks like the second session of Mt Hood’s HCSC rocked! Only a few more sessions to go till photo camp.

HCSC 2011: Session 2 Recap from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo.

Sneak peak of HCSC 2010 Photo Workshop

Heres some highlight shots from the HCSC Photo worksop week of adventure!

HCSC Photo workshop, highlights reel from Kari Rowe on Vimeo.

HCSC Photo Portfolio Contest

tim_zim dave_d_by_trevor_g

20100607_chaloux 090115_andy_w

Photos clockwise from top to bottom: Tim Zimmerman, Trevor Graves, Andy wright, and Christy Chaloux.

Give us your best shot and win a free session at the 2010 High Cascade Photo Workshop! Submit your snowboard photos: action, lifestyle, or environment shots accepted. Submission requirements: One organized PDF with a cover page that includes photographer name, phone number, email; all photos should be medium sized, clearly labeled JPGs. Email portfolios to

Portfolios will be judged by Andy Wright, Christy Chaloux, Tim Zimmerman, and Trevor Graves – some of the most skilled veterans of snowboard photography. Submission dates are June 21, 2010 through July 2, 2010. All winners will be announced on July 9, 2010. The top three runner-ups will receive $100 off of their 2010 High Cascade Photo Workshop.

View all submissions starting on July 2, 2010 on the contest flickr page.

sponsored by HCSC, NemoHQ and ESPN

Kevin Pearce Injury Update

NBC’s Tom Brokaw visits the family of Kevin Pearce, he talks with KP’s amazing family about his olympic dreams, snowboaarding and the severe head injury he sustained during his training. It will be a long road to full recovery for our dear friend but we have confidence he will make it. Our thoughts are with you KP! Get better soon!

Watch the Video here.

Picture 3

Photo By Kari Rowe

Behind the Scene with Cole Barash

Cole Barash on location at Mammoth

Cole Barash on location at Mammoth

Behind the Scenes with Cole Barash

HCSC Photo workshop Campers Slide show

Some amazing work from the High Cascade Photo Campers of 2009!

Untitled from Kari Rowe on Vimeo.

Jeff Brushie Part 3 &4

Vbs has posted the second half of the brushie spot. Its awesome!

Cole Barash – Snowboarding 2008

HCSC – Photo worksop – Cole Barash from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Pocket Wizard Awards

This year at the High Cascade Photo workshop, Pocket Wizard gave out sets of the MultiMAX. Winner this year are Jon Herre and Kevin 

 Jon Herre
Kevin Heitczman


HCSC – Photo Workshop – Student slide show

HCSC – Photo Workshop_ final student slideshow from Dave Allen on Vimeo.
All the proof is in the slide show. The 2008 High Cascade photo workshop campers produced an incredible body of work! Jeremy Jones and 400 campers showed up the view the weeks worth of images. Brad Kramer from Mack Dawg previewed their new movie for the first time anywhere in the world!


HCSC Photo Workshop _Nite Shoot video

HCSC Photo Workshop Day #3 – Andy Wright from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

HCSC Photo Workshop – Andy Wright

Class started today with the seasons bounty of images shot by Andy Wright. The Q&A that proceeded had many surprises. Wish you were here for that one. Andy referenced his shots and went into detail about the use of strobes. Pocket Wizards are the magic ingredient to off camera strobe effects. The class moved up the hill to put the learnings into practice with a nite shoot. As a random note, Jesse Csincsak and his soon to be bride, Deanna Pappas showed up to ride. The shoot went down and everyone was exhausted and stoked! Thanks High Cascade for making it happen.

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day #2 – Christy Chaloux

The weather was a little less that helpful today. The campers got on the hill and still managed to come back with a few keepers. Christy Chaloux presented her images from the season and wowed the crew. Tim Zimmerman jumped in at the end of the day and started in on digital workflow.

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day One, Bud Fawcett Video

HCSC Photo Workshop 2008- Bud Fawcett from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Each year we open up the workshop with a historical slide show from Bud Fawcett. Bud was one of the original ganstas of snowboard photography. The historical sense of snowboarding isn’t as well established as surf and skate. It’s a shame. Bud keeps those authentic real moments alive in his stills. 


HCSC Photo workshop – Day one


Day one-

Arrival Day. The camp was sold out 2 months in advance and had a waiting list of 10. The lucky 24 that were able to attend this years session at Mt. Hood and High Cascade Snowboard camp were witness to snowboard history. Snowboarding photog and icon, Bud Fawcett gave the class a history lesson and set the foundation for how snowboarding as we know it today actual started. In many ways, the surf and skateboard industries embrace their heritage. Snowboarding is less historical so it is nice to have Bud to remind us all where we came form as snowboarders. Studionemo is stoked to be a sponsor of the event!

Cole Barash Is a young photographer breaking the mold of traditional snowboard photography. No stock angles in his portfolio, just raw creativity. Check his new web site definite must see!

Dano Pendygrass update for April 2008

Our buddy Dano Pendygrass has been battling a “moody” spring in his efforts to entertain the masses with amazing snowboard imagery.

Cole Barash in the Nemo studio

cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravesCole Barash stopped by the studio today to catch up and share some images from a recent Nike Snowboarding shoot. This was Cole’s first time in the birds and from the looks of the shots, he killed it! Location Terrace, BC, Stunt double, Eric Jackson. Roll the video!

Cole Barash interview from alex mertz on Vimeo.
cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravescole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor graves

Behind the Lens with Tim Zimmerman

Cheesy headline aside, Zimmerman is legit. You can find him traveling almost non-stop for a better part of the year, making some of the most amazing images to hit the pages of many snowboard publications. Let’s take a minute to see whats going on in his head…


When did you begin shooting photos?My first experience with a camera was around 15 years old. I tried to shoot pictures of my friends skateboarding with my mother’s Canon AE-1. My dad was pissed that she let me use it. I didn’t get serious about it until ’97. Hell, I’m not sure if I’m even serious about it now.

Was it love at first snap? (more…)

Deep Winter Photo Challenge

Dano Pendygrasse

Fairmont Chateau Whistler- Sat. Jan 5th at 7pm Event at 8pm

Inspired by the awesome storms that rage through the Coast Mountains each January, dumping feet upon feet of perfect powder onto Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the 2nd Annual Deep Winter Photo Challenge has blown into the village again. This grass-roots celebration of the storm season and the photographers who capture it will see Paul Morrison, last season’s “King of Storms” come back to defend his crown against: Dano Pendygrasse, Ian Coble, Bryan Ralph, Jordan Manley and Phil Tifo. Watch as these photographers present their slideshows capturing epic powder days, dramatic skies, inspiring scenery, stormy conditions, deep tree skiing, and the lifestyles characterized at Whistler Blackcomb.

We are cheering for our boy Dano Pendygrasse!!

Any conversation about photographers in Whistler quickly includes Dano Pendygrasse. In the 15 or so years since Dano started documenting the birth of the snowboard scene in Whistler, his name has become synonymous with excellence in snowboard photography.

Dano has been published around the world in dozens of publications, spent time as a staff shooter for both Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and Snowboarder Magazine before spending the last few years launching the successful Future Snowboarding Magazine in Southern California.

Now back in Whistler (after a three month detour in Honduras), Dano has refocused on his love of mountain photography and continues to challenge himself creatively to bring unique and timeless images into the world. He is currently digging deep into the vaults to bring selected works to the public for the first time.

Dano Pendygrasse