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Burton and Red Wing made a baby, his name is rover.

Its a snowboard boot people! That’s right, in this day and age there is no reason, unless you have baby feet like me, to not have a pair of fashionable and functional snow boots for shredding the gnar. With Nike Snow’s constantly upgraded Zoom boots, and now the new Burton x Red Wing ‘Rover’ boot you have fashionable options!

Awesome Interview with Brain Farm

watch the interview here

As I’m sure you are all familiar with the pseudo recent epic snowboard documentary That’s It That’s All, by Travis Rice and Curt Morgan. The man’s quiver is extensive and his films are impressive. Watch more of his work, online at the creators project or check out brain farm, his website.

Andy Wright Gets Deep

Our dear friend and talented lens genie Andy Wright sat down with TWS and told his story of snow, riding, shooting and the love of it all.

Like what you hear? Come hear more at the High Cascade Photo workshop 2010!

Photo of the Day

Jon Emill Photo 

shooter: Jon Emill
Reykjavík, Iceland

I can’t read what the blog post says, but it is an HDR shot. The juxtapose of the heavy industrial smoke against the partially snowy mountains feels  like a message from Mother Nature that if we don’t change our ways, the snow may never return. If you look closely, in the middle of the smoke plume, left side, middle, the darkest area of the smoke, I think I see Mother Nature. A large chin, bulbous breasts and an angry brow. Like a genie coming out of a bottle.


Re: shooting in the snow


My buddy, wake shooter and the STANDARD wake quarterly magazine editor, Josh Letchworth hit me up with an email the other day asking about some insight to shooting in the snow. In the spirit of knowledge sharing I have attached the context of the email in this post.