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Sony: Bravia-Drome

I remember for a science fair in grade school, I made a zoetrope to illustrate the illusion of motion from a series of still images, which at the time I think was a hand drawn stick figure skateboarder doing an ollie. Well looks like the zoetrope technology and made leaps and bounds since those humble science fair days. Sony Bravia, best known for their sleek, sexy flatscreens and groundbreaking creative direction for TV ads (click here), is back with a different approach. They built the worlds largest and fastest zoetrope installation ever and plopped it right in the middle of Venaria, Italy. From the looks of it, it looks like some kind of space ship/mod art, but when this thing gets moving, up to 50Km/hr, you get a surprising visual experience. In this case its Brazilian football star Ricardo Kaka kicking around the ball. All of this is used to debut Sony’s new Motion Flow technology, making for smoother action on their new line of flatscreens. Conceptually it’s very interesting, taking an ancient technology, beefing it up and have it explain how a new technology essentially works. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation from the production crew.