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Canon G10- New but not improved

G10 review.

This is the review I have been excited to write for months. I have read the rumors on the blogs about Canon discontinuing the G9 and all the new and improved features for the G10. I pre order the rig on Amazon and sure enough it delivered today October 3rd, 2008. With the excitement of a 10 year old I ripped open the box and unleashed the new toy.

That is where the excitement ended.

Being intimately familiar with the G9 I intuitively reached for the Video function of the G10 as I have heard about the new and improves DIGIC 4 chip and the ability of it to produce HD quality video on an SLR. How exciting to have better video!! Wait, what’s this, small video format and NO TIME LAPSE feature. WTF??? I pay $50 more and Canon drops features that turned me onto the G9 in the first place. WTF!!! I am pissed! Who was the genius at Canon that is living in a bat cave to loose sight of what makes the G9 wonderful in this new world of bloggin! Was the decision maker a frustrated SLR engineer that wanted to gets rocks off on a 14.7 megapixel CCD senor? Why even have the G10 at all. Other point and shoots are smaller and have a large enough meg for decent prints, the larger SLR have better quality and better everything so why go with this G10 product that has nothing more to offer than less noisy images in low light and a faster processing speed that is negligible to the end user any way. WTF??? The over under dial is handy and more convenient but come on guys, I can tweak that exposure on the back end in photoshop and the G9 over/under function wasn’t that horrible. Shit even the lens cover looks cheaper than the original G9 lens cover. I bet this one scratches the lens in its poor construction too. WTF? You could have at least made that better for $499.

Sell me more hokus pokus BS features like Image Stabilizers and make me thin k I am getting an upgrade.

Mr. G10 engineer, you go thru the whole mechanic of moving the over / under dial on the physical body of the camera and the programmers can’t even make the RAW feature of the camera up front and easy to use. Get out of your retro film mentality and get on the digital age.

i-Contrast doesn’t even exist on my camera; I can’t find it to test it and who does this stuff in the camera anyway. This is all done in Photoshop. Come on guys. WTF??

Face Detection- come on. That’s all you guys got for advances in the G10.

Here is why I like the G9 and where you can go with the G11 to make this camera rock!

1. The G9 had a metal chassy that made it more durable for hard-core adventures like mountain bike rides and punk rock concerts.

2. The retro styling gave it a hipster flare that mad subjects feel important yet relaxed. A traditional SLR is too much camera for intimate setting where the goal is to capture amazing people being real.

3. It was a 12 megapixel camera that has the ability to shoot RAW. The fact that it shoots RAW implies that the user has Post Production skills and understands the art and craft of developing a digital image. How big a file do we real need? 8 meg is more than enough for most output use; I am not impressed with 14 meg over 12 meg as an added feature/ function in the G10. This just means I have a larger storage needs over the long haul.

4. VIDEO. This is where the G9 broke thru. It has the ability to shoot more than a 30 second clip of low res video. The convenient QuickTime’s were easy to flow into an I- Moive blog post. I am so sadden by the removal of the TIME LAPSE. You work hard on blowing up features that are needed in the chassis and better used in postproduction on a computer. The video you give me in trade on the G10 is 640 when I had 1080 on the G9, I feel ripped off. Its like you did get the whole magic of the g9. The G9 was able to switch back and forth from digital to still so quickly and efficiently. The G9 is a bloggers dream come true and the G10 proves that Canon has lost sight of its end user.

I hate being the hater. In true good sportsman ship it is only fair to include some constructive ideas to help my consumer experience and I am sure other fans of the G9

In this world where Nike ID allows me the consumer to go online and design my own color way shoes, products are called the IPhone, HP has a customizable computer called the Blackbird, why can’t we have a camera that is also customizable? The experience idea is like this:

The “I-camera” comes a 14 meg CCd sensor. It comes with the ability to shoot video and RAW images. Instead of pre loading the feature/ functions at the factory, include on the CD with the camera pre loaded bundles of feature/ functions that the I-camera loads up off their computer. The bundles could pre arranged for specialty shooters. The “Blogger” package has 72 dpi setting, good audio features and a range of video choices. The “Friends and Family” package includes more face recognition; in camera filter packages and the ability to upload to Flickr from the camera. The “Pro-sumer” package has RAW features up front and easier to adjust, action auto tracking, a better zoom lens feature. The “Landscaper” packing has filters with split ND for better sunsets; auto bracketing is up front and easy to use. The point is you already have these configurations on the camera from the factory yet you include it all and it comes off like you haven’t thought about anyone’s specific needs. Then you don’t drop a feature and discontinue the old model is sheer arrogance. Dropping the Time Lapse video feature along with the compact video feature was a huge mistake. Why not let me as the customer choose my experience with your product? I promise to break multiple cameras to insure that I continue to stay in your consumer circle and feed your corporate hunger, if you promise to appear to care about how I use your camera and the personal experience I want to have with it.

It feels like the Canon G10 team forgot what made the G9 cool and focused on some lame film throw backs with the design. It’s a digital camera, why bracket in 1/3 stops when in a RAW images you have plenty of latitude to adjust the exposure. Why not have the consumer choose their firm ware option and have an iCamera experience. It would be a unique palc ein the market place, it is easy enough to install and we are not robot consumers that will but what ever you put in front of us. Consider the user experience and give the people what they want!

Canon G10 review – New but not improved from Dave Allen on Vimeo.