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Nemo Tours are the BEST

PSU’s Graphic Design class will be gracing Nemo’s halls again this year and boy are they excited. I guess we will need to step it up…
Picture 19

AIGA PSU college students tour StudioNEMO

Heather and Todd were part of a Nemo Factory tour. It is always fun to give back to the college students in the Portland area!

StudioNemo visits the Innovative+Functional Furniture Show 2008 at PSU

Inovative+Functional Furniture Show 2008 from alex mertz on Vimeo.
A few of us here at StudioNemo took a trip this evening to PSU campus in Portland,OR to check out the Innovative+Functional Funiture Show 2008. Our good friend Dave Seoane was on hand exhibiting his work (killer table Dave.) among 40 other artists. AND HE WON 1ST PLACE!!! There were some very beautiful pieces, some odd, some just weird, but held their own, in their funky little ways. Be sure to check out the show all month long at the Shattuck Bldg. (3rd floor) on the PSU campus. Thanks to all the artists involved! Great work!