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the softer side of shooting ft. Cheyenne Ellis

The always lovely and talented Cheyenne has a quiver of both heart warming and eye pleasing work to peruse. With some new stuff on her site and the old stuff that you’ll never tire of looking at check out her website and you are sure to be inspired.

Photo Of The Day

Tracey Baran, Aidan C-printTracey Baran’s portraits are always unique glimpses into unusual experiences of life. I particularly like this image for its layout (the three heads on one plane), the naivety or ambivalence of the subject, and perspective. For me, this photo evokes life, death, youth and love. Beyond the primal, it touches upon the darker side of american culture and its penchant for recreational hunting, motorsports, and the desensitization of youth. Her work has been compared with one of my favorite photographers, Nan Goldin and has been reviewed in the NYtimes and ArtForum.