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Proud to present….

Here at Studio Nemo we are proud, proud, proud to present the work we’ve been doing over the summer months. I travelled with an amazing crew of Nemo, Nike and Selby folks to NYC, New Jersey, Duluth, Tahiti, Florida and Georgia to capture this year’s Nike 6.0 apparel campaign on film. Todd Selby has incredible style and was great at getting Nike 6.0’s athletes to take us deeper into their everyday lives. Thank you to everyone who was involved. Check out The Selby and his post about the shoots. It’s amazing- Videos, interviews and photos from all the athletes.

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China Design Now

Picture 3

China Design Now opened this weekend at the PAM. I was lucky to see a preview of the show last week and it was incredible. Here is a little bit about it… 

China Design Now is an immersive, multi-sensory exploration of the graphic design, fashion, interior design, and architecture emerging from China today. By focusing on the creative output of three distinctive cities, China Design Now presents a rapidly changing cultural landscape that is transforming China and our collective definition of urban life.


NEMO is super excited to be a part of this event through community programming. We have a fantastic surprise for November’s First Friday show. Save the date for November 4th.  Check out more here…



Pete Seeger Goodness!

The most amazing videos of Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest show are up on youtube. Amazing stuff! How could it not be with that name!

MFNW is amazing!


If you haven’t already partaken of the festivities the past two days, start now and don’t stop! MFNW is killing it. I saw one of the best shows of my life last night. The Dirty Three played an amazing show. I’m convinced that Warren Ellis, Jim White, and Mick Turner are the holy trinity. It was incredible. I didn’t have my camera so I’m going to share some lovely photos from Green Man blog that capture the ball of energy that is Warren Ellis.


Tonight Pink Mountaintops!!!!!!!!!! I won’t forget the camera.

Nemo Gallery Shows Trending Rock Art

starsoftrackandfieldvolcano choir

Two of our lovely artists from previous show are featuring their work on album covers this month!
Jonny Fenix, lent not only the name of his art show (Time for Lions), but his talented hand to the new Stars of Track and Field album and website.

Justin Vernon, best known as Bon Iver, has a new side project called Volcano Choir (that’s fantastic!) and the cover of that album features artwork by last September’s artist Adrienne Deboer.

Both are really fantastic! Great job guys.

photo of the day- Macduff Everton

Landscapes aren’t always my thing, but these are incredible…

macduff evertonmcduffeverton2

Photo of the day

Way better than the crazy clownmobile that parades around Portland! These Pakistanis have some style!

 Enjoy Peter Grant’s amazing images.


Crystal Sewage

The site English Russia has some amazing photos of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites growing in the sewers there. Beautiful, disgusting, crazy and fantastic all at once. Vodka does wondrous things. russian-sewage1


Photographer of the day…Ghost. Sam Taylor Wood

Sam Taylor Wood’s Ghost images will haunt you…

wood3 wood1wood2

101 Billionaires

Rob HornstraRob HornstraRob HornstraRob Hornstra

I received my new copy of Aperture today and was struck by a series of photographs the presented from Rob Hornstra. The series precipitated from a an article the Dutch photographer read about Russia’s super rich. Horstra traveled to the peripheral towns untouched by such proseperity and explored the limited choices most people in Russia are facing. His rich work captures tensions between past and present amongst a crumbling nationalist landscape.

Rethinking the Dutch

Kathy Ryan, the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine (talk about an eye!) curated this month’s show “Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered,” at the Museum of the City of New York. The work casts a modern gaze upon the historic ties of Colonial Dutch New York and the Dutch masters. Dutch art holds a special place in my heart, as does photography, so imagine my surprise and joy at this show. The variance of light combined with rich textured work and secret glances give works like Hendrik Kerstens’s a nod to the old masters. Yet at the same time, Kerstens’s humor provides a modern twist, as with this photograph “Bag.”Bag by Hendrik Kerstens’s

Lonesome Queens by Micah john Directed by Sebastian Jaramillo

Micha John, local musician and a dear friend released his new music video directed by Sebastian Jaramillo, and guess who was behind the lens. Austin Will, Nemo’s own  go-to video jockey!

Directed, Edited, and Color Work: Sebastian Jaramillo

Director of Photography : Johnny Le

Follow Focus: Austin Will

Grips: Lonne Woodlee and Cory Demitriou

Production Stills : Carey Haider

Shot on a HVX in Portland, OR.

For more of Micah John’s music visit:

May’s show is up on Urban Outfitters’ blog today…

Nemo’s art show for May is a collaboration with Portland’s Pattern People. It’s called Beneath the Surface. It’s an international sensation. So much so that Urban Outfitters put it up on their blog today. Check it…

Still Life with Snow


If you should find yourself in Mammoth Lakes, CA on May second, go check out Still Life with Snow. TG’s work is in it! 

It’s a group photo show of snowboarding and snowboarders from some of the photographers who have and continue to shape the look of snowboarding. 

Still Life with Snow
Opens Saturday May 2nd, 2009
in The Village at Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes, CA
directly across from the Gondola
3pm to 8pm


Preserving Tokyo


With the gentrification of seedy neighborhoods on the rise, the release of Watanabe Katsumi’s book Gangs of Kabukicho, serves as a visual record of Shinjuku’s red light district.  The photographs are from the 1960s and 70s and capture characters of violence, sex and transgression. Watanabe died last year at the age of 67. This book is a testament to his incredible ability to capture subtlety.


Slideluck coming to PDX

Slideluck Potshow is coming to PDX. Find out more about it here. Food and photos, what more can we say???

Design for a good cause…

The Bread Art Project was created to, “increase awareness of the growing hunger problem in the US.” For every design submitted, $1 will go toward Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization.

Eat locally made bread! Support the growers closest to you! And help feed families who can’t feed themselves. It’s dire times out there. 


StudioNemo Hits Up Lincoln Highschool for a Nike Bag Shoot.

We headed off to Lincoln High for the day to shoot Nike backpacks. It went incredibly smooth, even dodging hundreds of students during period crossings and stormy spring weather were never a hindrance. Big thanks to all involved and high 5 to all Lincoln Cardinals.

Springtime in Paris…

If you are in Paris this week, you are in luck. I just got off the phone with Todd Selby who has an opening at Colette. It sounds fantastic!

Black Mountain feels so good…

For all those who missed the amazing Black Mountain last night (Mertzy!!!!), this is for you- ps the Sadies played and I didn’t get any footage, but you should check them out…

Black Mountain Live in Portland 03.25.09 from Heather Hanrahan on Vimeo.


And, on the walk home I saw this little ditty (click here to see after the jump)… (more…)

Just a preview of what’s to come…

Getting ready for our April art show next Friday, April 3rd, with Jonny Fenix and Blake Britton. Here’s a little taste… 



Rip City documentary about the Portland SK8 scene

Rip City Trailer from Milan Spasic on Vimeo.

When you travel it is hard to explain what it means to be part of the Portland community. Rip City is a great representation of how a skater in PDX might live. Artistic insight to the filming, editing and sound all make an experience that even make a place like Donald Oregon seem livable.

Rip City also has a kind of day-in-the-life feel to it, which, I think works really well. It reminds me a bit of the 2007 surf documentary, One California Day, in that in that it uses the stories of individuals to convey the bigger picture of what’s collectively going on. Chet Childress’ morning skate through the neighborhood, Sage Bolyard and Mark Red Scott’s Dreamland Skateparks segment, and Chris Nukala’s “toxic waste” project all seem to be happening at the same time and together with other parts define the core skate scene in Portland.

In the end, Rip City is like a painting, or rather a dual portrait of both Portland skater and Portland skating. It’s also an inspirational piece, although it differs from others like it. If a team skate video is like a candy bar as far as stoke factor goes, then Rip City is like a pasta dinner. The former might be appropriate as motivation for a quick session, but the latter is what you really need for long-term nourishment. Check it nice.

Bell Helmets shoot in Seattle WA.

Bell helmets shoot by Studio Nemo from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard (Josh Letchworth,Wade Simmons, Bell, Mark Epstein, Brett Ferguson, Nemo and StudioNemo) on the shoot, the City of Seattle and the Evergreen Mt. Bike Alliance for use of the I-5 Colonnade Park.

Cindy Sherman has competition…

The most admirable Cindy Sherman (I’m a fan!) has some competition and his name is Samuel Rosso.  The Times Magazine has a great article about this master of disguise.