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Lady Gaga + Polaroid take us into the future

CES (consumer electronics show) was this week in Las Vegas, and while all the gadget nerds were focused on tablets and such, Polaroid‘s new ambassador Gaga was releasing the latest advancements in instant-image equipment, specifically, these space-age photo glasses. These monstrous sunglasses allow the wearer/shooter to record photo and video of whatever they happen to be looking at (not sure what the memory on them is though), display the images on the exterior of the lens, and export through a usb drive in the earpiece.
another notable piece of polaroid equipment was their pocket-sized wireless instant printer, allowing all of us smart-phone-addicted people to print our phone’s photos on the spot.
Check out Lady Gaga’s demo below (she kind of stumbles through her speech, but good for her for talking to all those nerds).

Polaroid Cameras back from the dead! (for a limited time only)

There’s nothing like the experience of a Polaroid. And they’re coming back, thanks to the skillful refurbishing of The Impossible Project and Photojojo.

The three models that are being brought back to life are the original SX-70, the Rainbow OneStep, and the Sun 660 Sonar. They span three decades of Polaroid development between 1972 and 1990, and each has been hand-inspected and retooled to work like new again.

And these aren’t just any Polaroids. The SX-70 was the first to use the company’s color instant film, the first to let you watch your film develop before your very eyes. The OneStep came into being during the days of disco—the rainbow stripe is a dead giveaway—while the Sun 660 was produced well into the 90s and features sonar focusing.

There aren’t many available, and they don’t come cheap. Impossible Project and Photojojo have restored 40 each of the OneStep and the Sun 660 (at $200 each, including a pack of film), while there are just 20 SX-70s ($350) up for sale. But these are working fossils, artifacts brought to life. “The memories they evoke, and the new ones they create, are worth every penny.” via Photojojo

Photo of the day.

Neil Krug is still killing it! Love his work.


Whats that ya say, sonny?? POLAROID IS COMING BACK?!?!?!

Polaroid is back! Well…kinda. A group of Ex-Polaroid employees and fans came together bought an old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands and plan to be fully operational by the beginning of 2010! Thing is they’re starting from scratch, that means new formulas and compounds for processing the instant film (old pola chemicals are no longer available), engineering new equipment, so on and so on… like their site says, they are re-inventing instant film. They have quite the challenge in front of them and their deadline is only 1 year! This comes as great news to all fans of Polaroid, this is like the resurrection of fun! I fully support and endorse this “zombie Polaroid” project 100%, and you should too! Check out their web site here for more info.


It really didn’t get much better than burning through a pack of sx-70 film. Ah, the memories…

Photographer Paul Schiek

Paul has a show at the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in California from September 4th – October 18th titled the thing about you is you will end up like me. Check it out if you can! I wish i could.

I’ve been a fan of his work for the last few years, falling in love when i first saw into his Polaroid panoramics. Whether you’re a long time ogler of his work or are just learning of it now you will be stoked to know that These Birds Walk has just published a book of his work. This book is one of a series of affordable art books that include works from 3 more of my favorite photographers! Ari Marcopoulos, Mike Brodie, and Jim Goldberg. Ari and Jim’s books are yet to come but Mike Brodie’s (aka the Polaroid Kid’s) book was amazing. I cant wait to see what Jim and Ari have in store for us!

Irony and Polaroid

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Polaroid Manipulation


 Jenelle Norris’s book “Polaroid 600 and Spectra Film: Manipulations and Creative Techniques” was set to print the same day Polaroid announced they wouldn’t be making film anymore. 

Her book has been published for free online and now we can do amazing things with those last few polaroids we can get our hands on.




One polaroid photographers take on the death of instant film.


Ever since Edwin H. Land dropped the Polaroid instant film cameras on the market in the late 40’s, generations of photographers have fallen in love with it’s instant gratification. Sadly as we know, Polaroid in ceasing all production of its film in early 2009. I came across this interesting interview with Polaroid photog Grant Hamilton on Josh Spear’s blog site. Just a little incite from a photographer whose main medium of photography is dying in front of our eyes. Read the interview here.

once last horra

I’m going to be blowing my next paycheck on none other than as much medium format polaroid film as i can buy.

Yes, I am sure you are all tired of the myriads of bloggings flying about the web trying to save the polaroid. So i will just say only this, lets face it, the age of medium format polaroid is not-so-slowly becoming another little bump in photographic history, stock up and let it go.

In memory of the newly extinct medium format polaroid film i thought i would post my favorite polaroid photographer. The Polaroid Kid. His work is everything i love in photography…and there is an awesome interview with him featuring more of his picture on fecal face.
[slideshow id=2233785415182516847&w=426&h=320]
If you want to see more amazing polaroids or post your own check out