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Time: The ALL-TIME 100 Albums

YES! is all i can say! Time magazine has put together the all-time 100 albums and have chosen the corresponding photos very well. They seem to have taken the photos that not only capture the emotion of the moment but also the personality of the artists. Artists that include but are definitely not limited to Johnny Cash, ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Willie nelson, the sex pistols, the Ramones, and Neil young!

Lovers of photo, music, history and culture will enjoy this all the same!

Sex Pistols; 1973, never mind the bullocks, heres the sex pistols

These Americans

These amazing photos are documentary images from a project called These Americans which is a collection of archival footage between 1950 and 1980.

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tools are cool?

I never thought id say this about Tools or Sears, but this is rad! Someone actually made this horrid 1470 piece tool set look amazing. I would have hated being the assistant on this shoot! But hell i guess when your trying to get people to drop 9 Gs on a tool set you’ve got to make it look this good.

PROPS to all those creative product photographers out there.