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Art4Life at studio nemo

We had the pleasure of taking 3 groups of young creative minds through the photo and design process of nemo HQ. It was a fun filled afternoon of creativity and noise making!
Thanks Art4Life we love what you do!

The Arcaic Work of Maria Pinar Yolacan

Maria is not only a talented photographer but she is creating her own photographic subjects…that being the clothing she makes from the remains of dead animals. To top this creative genius off she has chosen models from a small island in Brazil of ages 27-90. This is a great follow up to her earlier series of elderly women wearing apparel made of chicken skins. You can check out more of her work online.

D-65 Workshop Day 1

I’m sure I will be preaching to the choir to explain what the D-65 workshop is, but for all of you who don’t know what this workshop is check it out online.

for those who do….you know how I’m feeling.

I left the studio last night, after sitting in on the D-65 workshop taking place in our studio. I felt, as Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritze call it “a dork”. I didnt feel this way merely because I had just sat throught 9.5 hours of Mr. Resnick’s intense anecdotes and metaphors about the digital world, how to get serious about color spacing, metadata tagging, proper and improper work spaces ect. But because i was actually excited to get home and put my newly aquired skills into action. 

It was only day one….a recap of what I already new about digital workflow and photography, but I left with info I would have thought they’d have taught me in all my printing and prepress classes! 

I’ll give you all more updates as this 4 day workshop continues…

Darren Almond: Moons of the Iapetus Ocean

The photographer Darren Almond travels to remote parts of the world in search of scenes and landscapes in which to capture the beauty of a long exposure and the full moon. Just stumbling into his work you would not know these bright yet eerie shots were taken in the dark of the night with out first reading the name. You can check out more about him and his work at White Cube.

Mark Lagrange And His Beautiful Women

I’m pretty much blown away by this mans work. I am usually very skeptical about the photographers that think just because they can make a shot of a beautiful naked woman look good they are skilled! i mean really? how hard is it to make a gorgeous girl look good? But dare i say it, this mans an artist!