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Photographer of the Day

We haven’t posted a “Photographer of the Day” in a while, so it’s about time… 

Michele Abeles’ work is a sultry, yet unnerving mixture of monumental nature, empty scenes and portraits. The Yale alum has been praised in recent years for incredible emerging works. The images leave you feeling like you’ve witness memories or echos of what has been, nostalgic and a little forlorn. 

Photographer of the day….

Ofer Wolberger is a photographer out of New York and a great blogger (read Horses Think). I really like his work. He has beautiful cityscapes, but I mostly like his work because of his portrayal of spacial relations. Hi work interestingly portrays an object in relation to another object, or in relation to its particular placement, and occasionally he will encorporate a person into his work and the gesticulate towards their place within a space. The work goes beyond place though, it’s a portrayal of the object or person in relation to nature, power, etc. Not necessarily as a dichotomy, but showing multiple relations that exist within one frame. Check him out here….