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Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father

Photographer Phillip Toledano takes care of his 98 year old father, who for his age, is in great shape except for his short term memory loss. In this photo series you get to see all the ups and down of his fathers day to day life. A touching series that is a must see!Click HERE for the rest.

(Thanks Max, for the heads up on this!)

Phone Sex by Phillip Toledano

It could be the fact that I’m a student or just my curious/meticulous nature. But when I hear that someone has taken a concept (and instead of hiring models and “faking” what they think would be the ideal way to present it) they actually researched and produced a factual piece of art out of the findings and characters they meet. I am more than stoked.

This book called Phone Sex by the photographer Phillip Toledano is just that. Toledano was interested in the self delusion and fantastical worlds that exist between the caller and the operator so he decided to delve into the taboo world of phone sex. His real and personal interactions with these operators has produced a rather interesting book. Check it out.