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Pete Eckert: Award-Winning Blind Photographer

This is pretty amazing. Pete Eckert began going blind while he was in art school, something i could only imagine feeling totally detrimental to any young artist. But amazingly, Eckert persevered. Gaining inspiration from his loss of sight, he picked up his camera again and eventually began creating deeply conceptual photographs. With his guide dog Clancy, Pete was the Grand Prize recipient of Artists Wanted: Exposure 2008, an international photography competition, and was awarded $2,008 with a formal reception at Leo Kesting Gallery in New York City. Watch this short video to take a look into Pete’s world.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

Photographer of the day- Pete Eckert

Pete Eckert is a blind photographer who uses his other senses to visualize the world.  


” I am not trying to depict the sighted world. I am trying to show the world I now see using my other senses. My memories, emotions, as well as sound and touch play a part. Some people don’t think I am blind after looking at my work. I am a visual person, I just can’t see.”


He certainly depicts a way of visualizing the world through energy perception. The concept and actualization are beautiful and inspirational!