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Art is Forever: Jason Sturgill + Jess Gibson

What do you think of when someone says Portland Oregon. Well, thanks to the popular show Portlandia you are probably dead on with any Portlandia influenced image that comes to mind…but when you are here in Portland there are 3 things for certain….1. you cannot walk a Portland block without (literally) running into a designer   2. 99.9% of the people you talk to will be heavily over caffeinated and have a tattoo  3. You will become privy to at least 5 art shows you should visit, within in your first 15 mins here.

So in the true spirit of Portland Oregon, Jason Sturgill, the mastermind behind Art is Forever created a nice sandwich comprised of art, designers, the Portland art museum and tattoos. Thanks to my cellmate here at nemo, Jess Gibson, we have some visual stimulation, in the form of video of this tasty design nerd sandwich.

You can read more about this project at juxtapoz.

Bow The Mold: The stories behind their style- featuring Caleb Ruecker

This is the first instillation of what i hope will be many. Tasked with finding fashion forward thinkers in the action industry started with a mere fashion on the street type standard. But faced with the fact that i am no sartorialist, i cant just look at what a person is wearing and not try to figure out the personality behind the garb. I was determined to go deeper.

I began to rack my brain and think of all the athletes i have met and the individual flair they bring to their sponsors and style i couldn’t imagine just documenting what they wore. As far as i am concerned “Name Brands, overpriced items and the hottest new style on the market all pale in comparison to the style brought together by individuals and their personalities.

This monthly essay is one that will strive to capture the real, the raw and the individuals i meet in a new light. Any stereotypes you may have had when first meeting the individual will melt away, confusion will in sue and you will want nothing more than to meet the individual with these fashion forward frame of minds.

The first of these young trendsetters is Caleb Ruecker. A Portland native and a BMX athlete iconic for his personal style, infinite flare and talent for bedazzling even the most plain of nails.

You see him fly by on the street, hop a curb and spin off into the distance, your initial though? “What a Punk” A reaction he has received with a smile for years and happens to be the same reaction I had as he was flying on his bike over a crew of us nemo workers as we enjoyed an afternoon at the loading dock. Once the intimidation and pure awe of his personal style settled in, i got a hold of him, it only took 3 years.We collaborated and talked, gossiped and giggled (yes girls he giggles) talked nails and fashion. Seriously, not the rail ogling, bmx jabber i expected. This is where the shattering of stereotypes idea came into play. I wanted to make a series of fashion essays in which this person who normally appears intimidating and hard would come across calm, collected, complex and the soft man i spent the afternoon in the park. Not the spiked, tattooed, ruecker the hucker that the world knows him as.

To my excitement he agreed. This is the series we created in an afternoon here at studio nemo.


An extra special thank you to Caleb and Camille V for spending a saturday in the studio with me.


How to with Josh Letchworth!

A special thanks to Sandra Hillen for making the video with me…that girl has so many skills!
And of course an extra big thanks to Josh Letchworth for agreeing to make a how to video with us!

Art4Life at studio nemo

We had the pleasure of taking 3 groups of young creative minds through the photo and design process of nemo HQ. It was a fun filled afternoon of creativity and noise making!
Thanks Art4Life we love what you do!

Jeff Proctor is having an art show!

Mr. Jeff Proctor has a solo show opening First Thursday, August 4th at Breeze Block Gallery. Come on down and support him!

If you want to see more of his work, check out is website.

One Motorcycle Show recap

finally finished the recap from the one motorcycle show!

Nelscott Reef contest gets the green light for Nov. 2nd

If any of you have the chance to play hooky from school or work tomorrow, I suggest you take it and drive straight out to Lincoln City. With only 48 hour notice, big-wave surfers from all over the world are currently flying in for the 6th annual Nelscott Reef big wave contest- the only big wave contest in the pacific NW. Contest officials made the call sunday evening after carefully watching swell charts, stating that this particular storm should produce waves between 30 and 45 feet, the largest forecast in the contest’s history. Grab some binoculars, your warm jacket, and get ready to see some gnarly s**t. And by the way, there will be no jet ski assists this year- paddle only- so you’re guaranteed to see some charging.
contest and site info here.

Machotaildrop one night only in PDX!!!!

I know ive already blogged this video but it deserves one more….to get you amped for tonight!

Machotaildrop is playing one night only and that is tonight (friday July 9, 2010) at The Clinton Street Theater at 7pm then again at 9pm it will be awesome!

The Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202
Events phone – 503.238.8899

$6 for Adults
$5 for Students w/ID
$4 for Seniors, Tuesdays / matinees
$3 kids 12 and under

Another tiny wonder…

Picture 15Olivia Bee Photography has shot for Converse and has some magazine covers under her belt already, and she is only 15. (record scratches, back up, rewind) 15 FIFTEEN. Yep. Holy cow. I’m speechless.

Learning and working and Working and learning…

So, here I am trying to wrap my jobs from the previous week, spending a little time in front of the computer today. I decided to listen to my friend Connie Wohn’s interview on the newly launched w+k radio and the experience snowballed!

They have some great podcasts available with visiting and in house talent. I was listening to an interview with Renny Gleason Global Director of Digital Strategies, and he gushed about this conference, TED, that’s happening as we speak. I had heard about it, but never grasped the impact this particular conference holds. This led me to the TED website where there are a plethora of inspirational, educational, and in all other ways fantastic presentation videos available. And interestingly (and relevant time-wise), they have launched an iphone app with videos of their presentations (YES!!!!!! For a person who loves her iphone mostly because it has a public radio application, I am ecstatic!). 

I began listening to the Jonathan Harris presentation and found myself mesmerized by a digital exploration of human emotions called, WE FEEL FINE (which, yes, I do realize I may be one of the last people on earth to have heard of this). Harris created a system that real time searches blogs for the occurrence of the phrases “I feel” or “I am feeling.” The result is an interactive experience that sorts and slices, by feeling, and or demographic. He talks about an emotional footprint that is left online. This footprint is not new, but maybe relevant because of the number of people it can track.

It’s like a global emotive meter. When I visited a few minutes ago, the above screen grab was the result. People in the world are 1st and foremost feeling like they are failures, and secondly, like the are lucky. It’s like an emotional reflection on the state of the economic global situation. It’s frightening, touching and somewhat consoling to know that there is a consensus.

The Gap Narrows…

The difference between the cinematographer and the photographer has narrowed even more. Photographer Richard Walch, traditionally a photographer who had never shot a movie, took out the EOS 5D Mark II to test drive its HD video capabilities at the annual Zürich. He loved it. 

One of the positive aspects of this transition that photographers are taking is the foresight to think about shooting stills in a narrative style. They are finding a way to tell a story better, whether in fashion or advertising.

Walch sees another plus, Richard explains: “For me the camera changed the way I work over night. When I presented the video ‘D-Style’ to a client I instantly got a job for a photo and video production for the car company Infiniti taking place in Paris. ”

Clients see the benefit of doubling up and finding a consistent storytelling style. Check out his video here


An Art Retrospective by Nubby Twiglet @ StudioNemo

Nubby Twiglet Art Show @ Nemo Design from Austin Will on Vimeo.

On 10/3 StudioNemo was proud to host the fantastic work of Nemo Employee, Nubby Twiglet, AKA Shauna Haider. Nubby’s pop style art consists of stripes, shoes, and letterforms collaged on wood and ceramic, sealed in epoxy resin. The 30 pieces on display are compiled from three series and span over three years. We are ecstatic to have her work on our walls. Come in and check out Nubby’s art all month!!

Great First Thursday Show

Upper Playground is hosting Travis Millard and Mel Kadel for First Thursday this month. They’re work is incredible. This town is really stepping it up in terms of art! Check it out at 23 NW 5th Ave. tonight. Check out more about them on Fecal Face.  


Untitled by Travis Millard

 Foot Bath by Mel Kadel

Vice Photo Annual Review

So, I’ve been stewing over this Vice photo annual for a week or so. Not quite sure what to write. I was slightly disappointed to see the number of hyper-masculine images that graced the pages. I felt like there were an overwhelming number of McGinley nude hipster (no offense to McGinley’s beautiful work), meets American Apparel girls, meets the NRA.  One exception that I really appreciated was the Mary Ellen Mark interview. Her work has always intrigued me. Her photo essays are poignant and full of emotion. Vice focused on Streetwise, her photos of homeless kids in Seattle, but I’m partial to her images from Ward 81. We are famous in Oregon for Ken Kesey’s book ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST and it’s portrayal of the Oregon State Asylum. In 1975, Mark was assigned by a magazine to do a story on the making of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, shot on location at the Oregon State Hospital, a mental institution. While there, she met, briefly, the women of Ward 81. She later made them the subjects of her 1979 book Ward 81, where she lived and documented female patients. The work is disturbing, moving and haunting.  

Photos of students taking photos of riders in action @ HCSC

Here are a few photos of students of the HCSC Photo Workshop in action capturing the action!

Click the jump for MORE!


Pillow Talk -Jeff Curtes

jeff curtes

Jeff and his wife Jess recently move to Portland and in all honesty, the guy is on the road more than he is not. Hotel rooms, ski resorts and airports all start looking the same. It’s not a glamorious as it sounds being the number one documentarian of the Burton Snowboarding brand. To get more insight to the life and times of Jeff Curtes check out his blog, “THIS IS MY BED”.

road Trippin

jeff curtes

jeff curtes

Canon G9- In Review

Canon G9- In Review I have never written a review about a piece of hardware, ever. This Camera has me stoked to shoot and has become an accessory to my persona. By no means is this a replacement for the big guns, but as the cliché goes: “the right tool for the job”. A point and shoot that saves Raw filesI like to call point and shoot cameras, the “drunk cam”. The idea being that some great personality shots, lifestyle, the real deal images happen while you are out there living life. Point and shoots are convienient cameras and non-intrusive means to capture these moments, however, the average 5meg jpeg leaves a lot to be desired for professional use. I am sure you have all been in that situation where something amazing has happened in front of you, a sunset, car crash, crazy lady at the bus stop, that warrants a shot and there you are without a camera. If you were going to shoot it, wouldn’t it make sense to shoot at a high enough resolution to be included in your quiver of professional work? 12.1 mega pixel RAW seems plenty for reproduction. ISO The 12.1 (why .1 I have no idea, marketing?) mega pixel RAW function of this camera made it interesting to me. As with many point and shoots it has its limitations on the ISO setting. The noise is fine at ISO 200 and less, but gets noisier as you roll up the dial, (the manual dial on the left side is killer). Nothing new here. I world argue that when locking down for a time exposure at night, it isn’t the worse quality image on the market. Add a little Noise Ninja and BAM, all better. I hope in the next evolution they increase the size of the sensor to help minimize the noise. For $500, it’s fine! Hawthorne Bridge at Night   (more…)

Events- Whitney Biennial 2008

Mk GuthMK GuthOregon artist MK Guth will exhibit at the Whitney Biennial 2008, beginning on March 6th. Guth uses a variety of media to display her work. Her latest project, “Ties of Protection and Safe Keeping,” joins an increasingly participatory trend in the art world. Using the multiplicity of meaning behind braids, Guth weaves strips of fabric with messages people like you and me write to her, answering the question, “what is worth protecting?” One of the most interesting things about this project is the “meaning making”  behind it. The responses to her question can be social, local, political, personal, or all the above. Her project’s meaning takes different shape each time a strip of cloth answering her question is added to the braid. Guth’s projects over the past few years have taken many manifestations of the braid, including these photos of her performing with the braids as extensions. I love the idea of using braids, there are so many cultural meanings to draw from the plait. 

HDRI: The experiment. pt.1

High Dynamic Range Imaging, I stumbled on this technique late last week on a random blog site. After looking at the stunning images and it all instantly clicked. Images I’ve seen in sports ads, fashion magazines, and even some recent movies all have used this technique to some degree. What high dynamic range imaging allows the photographer/filmer to do is really make use of all available light values and merge them into a single image.

Say your out on the beach, gorgeous scenery, got your babe or dude with you, and a beautiful fading sunset. Photo op! Problem is you only have your camera and tripod, no flash. There will be no way to properly expose to get your subject lit without blowing out the background. Bummer. That’s where HDRI comes in. Essentially you shoot for all exposures you think you will need to show up. Ex: your subject, the sky, the water, sand, etc… You take your images and run em through photoshop or any HDRI specific program, and after some toggling of values, gamma, highlights and shadows you come out with an amazing image of your sweetie pie, everything perfectly exposed in one image!

The fun thing about HDRI is you can take a would be crappy photo and take it to another world. You could use it as mellow or as crazy as you want. From getting the shot of your sweetheart at the beach, to taking your ugly boring backyard and making it look like a surreal nightmare dream-scape, which is exactly what I did for my little experiment in HDRI. (minus the babe at the beach, had to go for the backyard… sigh.)

(click image)

As you can see, looking pretty creepy. Mind you this was all solely for experimentation to see if would even work. I set up my camera took 3 exposures, quick and dirty, ran it through the software, toggled the values, and bam, a horrific moody backyard setting. This is only a taste of what I’ll post in the coming weeks.

Things like this always get me stoked on photography, it never gets old, there is always something new to learn. I get bored quite easily so taking something I love and giving it a fresh face, doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ll keep ya posted on more shots soon!

-Alex M.

American Gladiator -Monica Carlson

Monica Carlson By Trevor Graves

Life is a tangled web. A few years ago I had a shoot for Merrel shoes and had the pleasure of shooting with Portland Blazer cheerleader Moinca Carlson. She was kick ass and tons of fun to shoot. I saw her not so long ago at my sons school where she was dropping off her twin girls. Today I get a random text message about Amercian Gladiator and Monica.

“Monica Carlson is a 32-year-old mother of 8-year-old twins and a former Portland Trailblazer dancer. Growing up ‘American Gladiators’ was her favorite show. Her husband is a football coach and athletics plays a large part in the family. One of 11 kids growing up, Monica is in great shape and loves competition. She currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon.”

monica Carlson, Amercian gladiator, milwaukie Oregon, nemo design, nemo production