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One in 8 million

After a morning of brainstorming with our friend Jake Stangel; who, by the way, has an amazing project brewing. I sat down and lost myself in this site. Thanks for the recommendation jake! Its amazing.

New York is a city full of characters. Everyone has their own story, this project by the NY Times is a brief look into the lives of the individuals that make up that colorful community. The commentary from the individuals, sharing their story, the rough black and white imagery, and the grit of the city showing through every story, you are sure to be lost for hours in this site.


I don’t usually post about design inspiration, but this ny times article and slideshow about the Hovey sisters collection is really beautiful. I like modern, but I prefer a mix with vintage. Their space inspires me to no end. Enjoy!


In honor of the voyeur and the moonwalk

You may think I’m referring to Michael Jackson and our sick obsession with watching his downfall and death, but in fact I am talking about the first moonwalk, the OG moonwalk. The NY Times has a fantastic slideshow of David Burnett’s photography of the first shuttle launch to the moon. Rather than focus on the actual launch, Burnett covers what makes it a spectacle, the spectator. He turns his lens on the people watching the launch and succeeds in capturing a piece of history as interpreted by its participants. Interestingly, this act of turning the gaze upon spectator reveals certain power dynamics of the time, such as who was allowed to gaze and how. Burnett captures only white, middle class american subject and reveals that men capture the moment on camera. His snapshot of time carry so many interesting dynamics and touching scenes evocative of the moment, but it is also important to consider what is missing in these scenes that also tell a story. 

David BurnettDavid Burnett

Cindy Sherman has competition…

The most admirable Cindy Sherman (I’m a fan!) has some competition and his name is Samuel Rosso.  The Times Magazine has a great article about this master of disguise.


Talk about location!!!!

Aren’t we lucky here in the great NW to have the locations that we have. I am so happy to see that someone is using it well…Check out the beautiful photos that Raymond Meier took for New York Times T Magazine in the Olympic National Forest.  

Big Foot Craziness…

Ok, so I’m inclined to believe in Bigfoot, but mostly because I think that the romantic notion of a very shy large ape in our midsts appeals to me. That being said… I don’t think I believe the “bigfoot tour operators” from GA. I keep dismissing the photo (just a lump of fur and guts in a freezer), but the NY Times just wrote an article about it. I trust the NY Times has done some research. They don’t usually write about the alienchild on the cover of the Enquirer, so there might be something to this. Check out their article here, and stay tuned for the press conference today in San Francisco, revealing the DNA results of the freezer’s contents. LONG LIVE THE SASQUATCH!!!

Love of the Photobooth

Found Photo In the booth   Näkki Goranin’s recently published book “American Photobooth”, spurred this morning’s NY Times article about the history of the photobooth. Interestingly, the photobooth got its start in Times Square in 1926 and became a nationwide sensation. People have always held an affection toward the booth. Even Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino are collectors of the booth, according to the article. My love affair with the photobooth lies in the anthropological  documentation of people and relationships. The pictures above are from In the Booth, a collection of photobooth photos and photomatics from the 1930s through the 1970s. They relay an amazing sense of time, place and culture. The photographs also transmit feelings – shy, bold, coy, fraternal – and intimacy. (more…)

Photo of the Day

Photo by Ellen KooiPhotographer Ellen Kooi’s sweeping landscapes, are like a break mid-story. Though the landscapes seem to dominate the image, her focus seems to be the relationship of the human (most often woman or child) to that surrounding. Her work is laboriously produced, planning lighting and subject placement long before the shot takes place.  Her work has been written about in the NY Times and exhibited throughout Europe and North America.