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Digitally retro with Holga + Canon

Wanna be retro and cool? Of course you do. Everybody these days has a Holga camera, so how do you take that fun to the next level? Throw that cheapo plastic lens on your pro DSLR. HolgaDirect now makes a conversion kit, allowing Nikon and Canon cameras to accept a full range of the toy lenses including a macro, telephoto, and wide angle. This is actually a pretty cool way to get the Holga feel with none of the hassle or cost of developing and printing the film. The kit runs about $70, check it out here.

What do I do??

nullNikon vs. Canon, Canon Vs. Nikon… Every photographer has had this conversation at some point, and in the long run it boils down to personal preference. Personally, I rock a Canon. I’ll admit I’m some what of a canon snob. I cringe every time I have to use a Nikon. I felt Nikon kind of fell off the Digital SLR train years ago and never really got back on. So I was happy to keep investing in my Canon set-up. That is until I recently went on a snowboard trip with another photog. He just so happened to be a Nikon shooter and was sporting a brand new Nikon D3. I was not too concerned at first, but of course he began bragging. I was stunned. This is Nikons first full frame DSLR, the thing is a monster. It’s catered to the outdoor/sports photogs. It shoots at 9 frames a second and the sensor can be “cropped” to shoot at 11 fps. The ISO range is amazing, images shot at 3200 ISO look incredible with little to no digital noise.The best thing about it is it’s price, at just under $5,000 it is much more affordable than Canons EOS-1Ds MarkIII. ($8,000) I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera body for some time now, and damn, that Nikon is soooo tempting. Damn you Nikon for doing something right, all but too late in the game. I will pray Canon can come up with something to rival Nikons D3. Canon, don’t let me give in to the dark side. Holler at your boyee!