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Spencer O’brien wins first at TTR Tricks: O’Neill Evolution 2012

Damn girl! Cute, sweet and ripping. You have it all in our book!

Keep up the amazing riding in 2012!

Nike “Chosen” BTS with Josh Letchworth

LA_BMX from Handsel "Ian" Reid on Vimeo.

Nike Vision Winter Wear

I have to say that alot of the shoots we produce end up in our design department and i dont end up seeing the final results until they are in print of online. Its kind of exciting that way. To wait and see how our vision in the photo department corresponds with their design needs.

A recent example is the nike vision website. GO BOYS! Nice job with the shoot. The images look almost just as we directed and produced. We love it when that happens.

A special thanks to Adam Haynes,  Mark Thompson and Colin for modeling and riding. As well as  Tim Zimmerman and Bump Films for shooting.

Burton and Red Wing made a baby, his name is rover.

Its a snowboard boot people! That’s right, in this day and age there is no reason, unless you have baby feet like me, to not have a pair of fashionable and functional snow boots for shredding the gnar. With Nike Snow’s constantly upgraded Zoom boots, and now the new Burton x Red Wing ‘Rover’ boot you have fashionable options!

Nike Vision Vintage Collection

Back in December, a few of our Nemoites, along with fun-loving photographerEmbry Rucker, took a little trip down to sunny San Diego to enjoy bikes, beaches and bonfires to create the new campaign for Nike Vision’s Vintage sunglass collection. Needless to say the rest of us in the offices were stoked to see the photos, and not so stoked to see that they scored amazing weather in December. Anyways, the Vintage website just launched, and the images and video look awesome. Head over to Nike Vision to get yourself amped on summer.

Nike 6.0 Presents: Leave A Message- A Women’s Surf Film

People can get pretty defensive in the argument of women vs men in sports, but let me assure you, women’s surfing has come a long way. Nike 6.0’s team of female surfers are not only showing up most of the boys, but they seem to be completely re-writing the present and future of women’s surfing. Here at Nemo, we’ve been traveling with, photographing, art directing and supporting most of these girls since the start of 6.0- Kari Rowe was recently down in Mex with Monyca Byrne-Wickey shooting for Sweet Cheeks (big sale at right now!)- and we couldn’t be prouder of the release of their new flick, Leave A Message. Featuring Malia, Lakey, Monyca, Carissa, Coco, and Laura, 6.0’s first legit surf film premieres May 19 in Los Angeles, and will be available for download May 24!


6.0 team riders, Monyca Bryne-Wickey, Laura Enever, Malia Manuel, and Carissa Moore shot by Kari Rowe

To celebrate the launch of the Nike 6.0 Women’s line, Nike 6.0 and Foam Magazine want you to send in your best photo or collection of photos (3-5) that capture what it means to be Living Life Full.

So all you young athletic lens-women check out the contest and enter to win a full Nike 6.0 Women’s wardrobe from the Holiday 2010 line and her winning photograph will be featured in the November issue of Foam so hit us with your best shot and you’ll be rewarded big time. No need to rush the contest is open until October 1, 2010

Undertow “testing the waters” Art Opening

If you weren’t here for the Undertow art opening on Friday you missed one awesome party! But the show will be up all week so come on in and check it out. Enjoy the video!

Undertow “Testing The Waters” from alex mertz on Vimeo.

NEMO FIRST FRIDAY!!! “Undertow:Testing The Waters”


NemoHQ Presents: Undertow: Testing The Waters
Artwork by Undertow

Portland, Ore – May 18, 2010 – NemoHQ is proud to present the work of local artists, Undertow in “Testing The Waters,” curated by NEMO opening Friday, June 4, 2010 6-10 pm. The show will run through Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at NemoHQ – 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR.

“Testing The Waters” is the debut art show for three best friends and former college classmates who share the same passion for art, design, and ground beef tacos. Since moving to Portland a little over two years ago, all three artists have collaborated to create an art collective that serves as a creative outlet for their graphic style and subject matter. That art collective became Undertow: three aquatic-based creatures that are visual representations of each artist’s personalities and interests. The art and design in “Testing The Waters” features not only the experiences, inspirations, and commentary of the artists, but also a collaboration with the Jordan Brand to give back to a local charity. 100% of the proceeds for select pieces will be matched by the Jordan Brand and donated to St. Mary’s Boys Home.

Artist Statement:
About Toyhippo: Undertow’s only freshwater creature is Toyhippo. The art surrounding Toyhippo is mostly drawn from life experiences and encounters. His expression reveals his quirky, silly, and sometimes perplexed personality. Although colorful and friendly, he also tends to get rather handsy after a couple long islands, especially in the company of lady wildebeests.

About Ohb:
Ohb is Undertow’s deepest lurking and most mysterious creature. His art is centered around not only his secretive nature, but includes a fusion with other inspirational and iconic land creatures (humans). Ohb can be a little too intense at times, but everyone seems to get along with him fine as long as he washes his tentacles after emitting ink. He does have a bit of a temper. We are helping him work on that.

About Whalington:
Finally, Undertow’s rarest creature is Whalington. The subject of Whalington’s art is his scarce and endangered condition, which often displays threats to his well-being, as he is the only one left of his kind. Though he appears aloof, he is merely a sensitive chap who just needs a little encouragement. Frankly, we could all do without his passive aggressiveness. Don’t mention the overbite as confidence is already an issue here.

Top Secret Project Revealed…

Here at StudioNemo we’ve been working on a top secret project for a few months, the Aries2010 book/time capsule. Nike Snowboarding commissioned Trevor to collaborate on the curation their “history of snowboarding” book/time capsule that was revealed at the opening for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver this last weekend. Artist Brian Elliot‘s time capsule looks incredible. Kari Rowe did an amazing job shooting the time capsule and everything else for the book. Trevor and Jay worked non stop curating and art directing. Here is a taste of what we’ve done behind the scenes….

aries 2010 capsule build from Heather Hanrahan on Vimeo.

Aries_MLS_0298Aries_MLS_0344Aries_MLS_0381Aries_MLS_0478Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18

Vancouver shop The Boardroom is hosting Aries 2010, helping to launch it alongside the 2010 Winter Olympics with events this past Saturday, 13 February 2010 and next Friday, 19 February 2010, which will both feature presentations by snowboarding legends Terry Kidwell, Dano Pendygrass, Ken Achenbach and Barrett Christy.

StudioNemo Hits Up Lincoln Highschool for a Nike Bag Shoot.

We headed off to Lincoln High for the day to shoot Nike backpacks. It went incredibly smooth, even dodging hundreds of students during period crossings and stormy spring weather were never a hindrance. Big thanks to all involved and high 5 to all Lincoln Cardinals.

Artist of the Day…

One of my favorite contemporary painters Kehinde Wiley’s work is featured in Anthem. His work transgresses historical narratives of black men, as hyper masculine, violent and sexualized beings and actually inserts them into art history, from which they have been missing. He uses the work of 17th and 18th century painting masters as inspiration and places his contemporary subjects in similar poses with backgrounds that are traditionally considered feminine in motif. 

And… as it relates to us in Portland and Nemo, he paints some of his subjects with Nike Sportswear and SB clothing and shoes! 

BMX in the Beijing Olympics – Mark Lewman on the spot for Nemo

Nike 6.0 at StudioNemo Round 4

We were extremely happy to welcome the 6.0 athletes Nigel Sylvester, Ben Horan and Trevor Jacob back into the studio the other day to shoot some stuff for Nike 6.0. And Josh Letchworth was back again ready for action. Thank you everyone for another great shoot and for sweating it out.


Nike 6.0 at StudioNemo from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

At it again!!!

The team working hard for their money!!!


The lovely Mr. Letchworth and his fierce assistant Bret are in the studio today for another Nike 6.0 shoot. Stay tuned for great stuff. 

Communication Arts Photography Annual

The annual photography issue came out for Communication Arts and they have some local talent featured, friends of Nemo and a lot of animals…

David Emmite was one of the local talent mentioned for his work with Nike. He worked on this beautiful Nike piece with the talented Mr. Michael Shea as creative director and Angelo Colletti and Eric Duvauchelle as art directors, all of whom we’ve had the great pleasure of working with here at Nemo. Congrats! 


Another friend of Nemo who was featured in the annual was Embry Rucker, for his work on a Billabong ad campaign. Congrats! 

The always observant Mr. Graves noticed the abundance of animal photography in this issue (I can’t help but love it!), so I’ve picked some of my favorites…

Peter C. Lavery

and Nina Francois

Hope you enjoy!

Nemo Nike Collaboration Unveiled

Another great collaboration. The fantastic and talented Eric Duvauchelle recently posted pics of the Nike Boots Campaign that Nemo’s – also lovely and talented- Environment team designed and Eric and Angelo Colletti art directed. Looks amazing! Way to go guys. 

Pics by BOOGIE (

A few of my favorite things. by Plain T

Sneakers, and spray paint, graffiti, and sweaters, girls getting clean minus the string…these are a few of my favorite things. A collage by Mass Appeal shows some amazing old photos, dead stock Nike trainers, Playboy sneakers, matching pimp teddy bear sweaters, and a sweet tan line. Here is a little bit of heaven for you!

PHOTO of the DAY – Cole Barash

cole barash shoots eric jackson for nike

Vincent Skoglund- Undefined

I had a chance to catch up with my buddy Vincent Skoglund. He recently reworked his website and you can see it here.

I see in your “BIO” section of your website you have entered your bio as “When not traveling, Vincent Skoglund lives in Stockholm, Sweden” I was hoping to get more of a background story about you. Where you grew up, things you were interested in as a kid, the first time you got busted by the cops, the first time you picked up a camera and decided in that moment you wanted to be a photographer.

I grew up in Falun about 2 hrs north of Stockholm on the countryside. I was, as a kid really interesting in drawing and painting. I also remeber that I wanted to be a boss or an artist when I grew up. I guess that being a self-employed photographer that is as close as I can get. I got busted by the cops when I did my first graffiti on a wall in a parking garage. There was only one window of a flat that could see us. That one flat hosed the chief of police in falun. So 3 cop cars busted us. That was pretty much it for my short-lived graffiti career.

Snowboarding has been a big part of your career. Could you make a connection to how snowboarding has help you evolve as a photographer?

Most of all Snowboarding has been a fantastic way of learning about people, the world and life in general. All the travels and new discoveries. This is what has had the biggest impact on me. Photography-wise, shooting as much as I did when I did snowboarding full time was really what made me evolve. I started young so it was like a life school. Also the commisions from snowboarding companies was so loose there was so much room to be creative. The brief would be like “Vincent, we love your photography just keep doing it”. It was also open for any type of photography, portraits, landscapes, action, life…

In the past 10 years, what would you say has been your most memorable snowboard trip/ shoot?

2 years ago I had a funny and hectic schedule. It was a trip around the world with back to back commitments of very different kinds. Something like this:

1. Paris opening of the Adicolor exhibition. 2 days.

2. Vermont. Shooting, read hunting, Shaun White at the US open. During the pipe contest. For Burton snowboards. 3 days.

3. Whistler, Shooting with Jussi Oksanen and Tadashi Fuse in the Backcountry. A really heavy sled mission since we got a few feet of fresh pow. 6 days.

4. Miami, Shooting tennis with Boris Becker. 2 days.

5. Hong kong, Opening of the adicolor exhibition and press. 3 days.

Adicolor– is an amazing body of work, can you give me a brief explanation of the assignment?

23 different artists around the world got invited to do a shoe and a tracksuit each based on a color. On a 6 week trip around the world I went to meet most of the artists involved in the adicolor project. It turned out to be a fantastic trip of inspiration and great people. Meeting the artists in the places were they work and were they get their inspiration. Since they all have different backgrounds, they have very different ways of being creative, that was great to see. Creativity is the red line that ties everyone together.

The comission from Adidas, was to make my own creative interpretation of the artists, places and the adicolor project in general. Very much a dream job that resulted in little bit more than 100 prints, that got exhibited around the world.

On the WeSC headphone campaign (girls plugged into a pineapple) you are listed as Photographer/ Art Direction. Could explain the new role of Art Director and what it means to you?

It is interesting for me to shoot ideas I am interested in.

The Burton Un-Inc portraits are amazing, the set looks very art directed and I am sure there are some stories here. Can you share a story about the Un – Inc work. (Romain and Gigi with puppies)

Thanks, I worked together with Lance Violette on that shoot. Really fun. We bounced some ideas back an forth a few weeks ahead of the shoot and came up with the night / day concept which is inspired by 60’s music covers and 80’s heavy metal covers. Then all the puppies and kittens shows up as well, with their owners. It was a fun shoot!

I get a feeling there is nothing in the world that scares you physically, mentally or creatively. The Svenska spel work has some amazing post production work, the JC work is a challenge in the lighting and action and Nike and Burton have you on top of a mountain, that I am sure is sketchy. How do you keep focus and creativity? Maybe a comparison between these very different shoots and how they are similar and different.

Lots of times on commercial shoots it is about improving what I got in front of me as much as possible. Making sure the angle, light, composition etc is as good as possible. Of course there is also a thought process before that is very important, to make sure that I do it the right way. I like to get to meet with the art director ahead of the shoot to take the ideas the extra mile and be as good as possible. JC and Svenska spel was well planned ahead of the shoot. With the Nike work we got locations that looked good, then it’s about making it something special. The Burton latest campaign I did for them was with a very snap / reportage approach. That was so much fun. Being in the right place at the right time. Try to get moments that convey the great and fun things about snowboarding.

It is funny how Art Buyers may put a shooter into a category. Categories may include Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion and Editorial. In a good way I have no way of stereotyping your work, you pull it all off so well! When you think of your work and where you are heading, can you categorize yourself? What interests you in all these types of photography?

I am not really interested in categorizing myself. I like the idea that it is not so much about what you shoot as to how you approach it and how it feels when you look at it.

I hate to do the cliché question but I think it is still a good one for you, when you think of the future, 5 years, 10 years down the road, where do you see yourself going?

I am currently working on a few different personal projects. Having the first of the second solo exhibition with the series “Lightyears” in a few weeks. This exhibition will go from there on some kind of tour. A group show at the Art Basel in NYC as well, with prints from the “Lightyears” series. I am in also putting together a book about the snowboarding life and the people around it. Looking at what interests me at the moment I think I will be doing lots more series that will evolve from the “Lightyears” series. I will become more personal with my work as well.

Thanks Vincent for your insight! I hope to connect soon!



Cole Barash in the Nemo studio

cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravesCole Barash stopped by the studio today to catch up and share some images from a recent Nike Snowboarding shoot. This was Cole’s first time in the birds and from the looks of the shots, he killed it! Location Terrace, BC, Stunt double, Eric Jackson. Roll the video!

Cole Barash interview from alex mertz on Vimeo.
cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravescole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor graves

Shaded by Plain T

nullGetty Images

For those of us living above the 45th parallel, sun can be a relative term, but none the less summer approaches. The first piercing rays of the season will send you squinting into your bag in search of your favorite shades. Sunglasses can be a profound accessory that can bolster your style or tweak it completely. We wear them to protect us, as well as disconnect us from our surroundings. Pictured is one of fashions best-dressed males Marilyn Manson wearing a thick aviator frame in tortoise with a cognac colored gradient lens. Marilyn can often be seen red carpeting in the words of Corey Hart, wearing sunglasses at night. So weather you prefer an oversized pair of quilted Chanel, an iconic culture frame like Oakley Frogskins, or are looking to improve your golf game with Nike/Bausch and Lomb Maxsight contact lenses, just be sure to have them in arms reach when the sun makes its spring debut.