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In honor of the voyeur and the moonwalk

You may think I’m referring to Michael Jackson and our sick obsession with watching his downfall and death, but in fact I am talking about the first moonwalk, the OG moonwalk. The NY Times has a fantastic slideshow of David Burnett’s photography of the first shuttle launch to the moon. Rather than focus on the actual launch, Burnett covers what makes it a spectacle, the spectator. He turns his lens on the people watching the launch and succeeds in capturing a piece of history as interpreted by its participants. Interestingly, this act of turning the gaze upon spectator reveals certain power dynamics of the time, such as who was allowed to gaze and how. Burnett captures only white, middle class american subject and reveals that men capture the moment on camera. His snapshot of time carry so many interesting dynamics and touching scenes evocative of the moment, but it is also important to consider what is missing in these scenes that also tell a story. 

David BurnettDavid Burnett

Stephen Wilkes- The High Line.


The High Line.

The High Line.

Stephen Wilkes set up the Cherry Picker from noon till dusk to assemble this sur real image of Tenth Street.

Who, How, Now with Bryce Kanights- Part 2 of 3

Bryce Kanights and Kevin Kowalski head to NE Portland to session Mark Conahan’s personal kidney bowl.

Kevin is “Jumping off the Ice Cream truck”- MC

“XGames and reality shows…it’s all FLUFF- this is the real deal!”- BK

Life can be simple if you let it. 

Bryce Kanights- Part 2 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.