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Slideluck coming to PDX

Slideluck Potshow is coming to PDX. Find out more about it here. Food and photos, what more can we say???

Sam Kuhn’s Lion Attack!!!!

When I met Sam a few years ago my first impression was this kid is gonna kill it, since then, he hasn’t stopped impressing. His amazing work ethic, creative drive, positive attitude, knowledge of equipment and straight up talent set him far apart from his peers. His ever expanding client list already consists of the likes of Nike 6.0, Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Community Transit, Avalara, Dellacio Collection, Imperial Motion, Stevens Pass, Bonfire, Ir77, Slow Runner, Roxy, your’s truly, Nemo Design and get this…he’s only 20!!!

Just about now you should stop feeling old and unaccomplished…instead, check out his motion picture collective Lion Attack. Keep it up Sam!

Jeff Brushie On VBS TV

Our friends at Vice featured the one and only Jeff Brushie on their Powder & Rails series. The episodes are packed with pictures from Trevor’s history. There are two more episodes coming up next monday and tuesday so keep your eyes peeled, the next two promise even more entertainment.

Martha Cooper’s Tag Town

Tag Town, is a new book of photos from photographer Martha Cooper. Published by Dokument Forlag, this is the first book to showcase early tags in their context. It’s a lesson in street art, containing early photos of tags dating back to the 1960s. Back in the ’80s, Cooper shot NYC’s infant tagging graffiti scene that included only a handful of artists. This was the absolute beginning of what you call street art today and Cooper recorded it tirelessly. She did this out of curiousness, pure interest and love. She thought this was a movement of the minute. She had no idea that her lens was capturing the very beginning of one the greatest art movements of our time.
Take a gander, she’s got a ton of cool shit to say.

For more of her interview and to check out some of her pictures see the Fecal Face blog.

Nike 6.0 Writing on The Wall Invitation

Please join Nike 6.0 for the WHQ premiere of Writing on the Wall, a BMX Film starring Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Mike Spinner, and Nigel Sylvester.

This Thursday
December 11th
4:00-6:00 PM
Stanford Theatre, TWC

Kids and families are welcome.
Nike 6.0 athletes Nigel Sylvester and Mike Spinner will be signing autographs. No RSVP required. Spread the word!

About Writing on the Wall
The four-man crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner spent over a year living out of suitcases to film the first Nike 6.0 BMX movie, Writing on the Wall. From 4-wheelin’ to 4-star, ditches to public parks, the 6.0 crew scoured the corners of the Earth to discover the undiscovered and lay down new lines. Battling school calendars, narcolepsy, ridiculous competition schedules, and border patrol; the crew rallied to capture amazing riding. Writing on the Wall showcases the distinct style of each rider, from Nigel’s street skills to Spinner’s technical prowess; from Dennis who rides anything at any time to Garrett’s assault on cities around the world. The 6.0 crew represents the next generation of riders driving the progression of BMX. Enjoy the tour, as one of today’s most diverse BMX teams travels to Beijing, Dubai, Barcelona, NYC, Australia, and more.

Add Nike 6.0 Writing on the Wall to your page

Nemo’s Solid Gold Prom

A BIG thanks to everyone who came we raised a ton of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! the forum crew who was shooting in the studio with photographer Cole Barash came and made it a real nemo party! like TG says “its not a nemo party until someone gets laid, someone gets hurt, someone pukes and something gets broken!” Can’t say for sure about the first one (it was Prom after all) but i witnessed first hand the other 3!

Thanks again everybody it was for an amazing cause!

Check out the photobooth pictures.

photo of the day

StudioNemo’s friend Cel Jarvis sent us some eye candy today of her latest work for hawks by Geren Ford for Urban Outfitters. YEAH CEL! Your work is awesome. Check out more here

Tod Seelie. Let’s Stick To Landscapes.

Being a skeptic of the field of landscape photography, I was shocked when the work of Tod Seelie changed my mind. After perusing (and loving) his landscape collection I was more than eager to take a look at his portraits. Alas, I was really disappointed…it seems as if he shoots all his humans subjects as “still life” and in doing so looses the most interesting thing about portraiture; Emotion. With such amazing characters as the ones he shoots I would hope for something more than a rigid figure standing front and center.

However, many seem to disagree with me. His work has been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Cleveland, and Miami. And has been featured in some amazing photo books including Backyard Shakedown and Hijacked.

MOCC in Portland

I am totally in love with the Museum of Contemporary Craft. They have had some great shows since they opened. This one is particularly interesting…

“War Bowl” by Domic Wilcox

Manuf®actured opens this Thursday at MoCC. The exhibition explores the use of “labor-intensive craft practices” to take apart and remold mass produced objects and materials. The wide variety of work examines questions of “overabundance, appropriation, [and] reuse.” MoCC will, as always, stay open for the First Thursday artwalk next week. 

Exhibition • August 28, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Lecture • 6:30pm • September 18
Museum of Contemporary Craft • 724 NW Davis • 503.223.2654 

The Arcaic Work of Maria Pinar Yolacan

Maria is not only a talented photographer but she is creating her own photographic subjects…that being the clothing she makes from the remains of dead animals. To top this creative genius off she has chosen models from a small island in Brazil of ages 27-90. This is a great follow up to her earlier series of elderly women wearing apparel made of chicken skins. You can check out more of her work online.

Mark Borthwick

Mark Borthwick is an amazing experimental fashion photographer but his creative doesn’t stop there. He often accompanies his photographic work with writing, drawings, and even live performances. As a photographer, musician and film maker, his work has a distinct feel of a still capture of a motion reel that you could really only get when you approach your work with this much original diversity. Theres a great interview with him on fecal face.

Pull Back the Shade by Muzi Quawson

British artist Muzi Quawson explores the social structures of American culture with color film prints displayed as large light boxes so the cinematic feeling is brought one step father than just the film. One of my favorite things in photography is trying to capture a moment….no kodak moments here…the rawness of life thought the rawness of film. When you successfully capture these moments,they look like one might describe a movie still…it draws you to wonder exactly what that emotion was and why they were feeling it.

The Row Clothing

I guess I’m on a roll with the fashion posts… out Todd! The Row by none other than the Olsen twins believe it or not is pretty awesome. Other than the price tags this line is everything i could want in my closet. Versatile and simple….their images are strong and their promo video is pretty rad too.

Boy, By Scott Sternberg

Boy is a brilliant androgynous clothing line by Scott Sternberg the designer of the famous menswear line band of outsiders. Scott seems to have discovered a perfect combination of boyish inspiration with the femme fits and cuts. For years I have been shopping in the boy sections of second hand clothing stores, taking my findings home and altering them to fit me. Its good to see that someone in fashion has finally figured this out and created an amazing clothing line. The pictures really just seal the deal…

Shout out to Ray Gordon

Ray is a Portland photographer and long time friend of nemo. He’s been killing it in the photo world over the years and yesterday, nemo finally had the pleasure of working with him. Wish i had more details on how his shoot went other than “they got the shot” and “it was sweltering”. But alas, i was unable to go on location with them. Pictures of that shoot are soon to come but in the mean time check out what hes got on his site.

Amira Fritz’s Secret Garden

This German photographer currently lives in Paris and Berlin. She holds a degree in photography from the HGBLVA of Vienna. These shots create much room for the imagination…she doesn’t have much of an online presence but you can contact her through her website. She is part of the 23rd annual International festival of Fashion and Photography.

Annabel + Dorothee The Wedding Wizards

Lets face it, weddings are straight up cheese! You gather your family in their horrible outfits and stand in the middle of the tackiest church you can find in a desperate attempt to “make memories”. The photographers Annabel + Dorothee have what it takes to change (at least) the way these memories are documented.

The Mystery Of Martina Hoogland Ivanow

After you look through her work…you are left feeling incomplete, each piece has a distinct air of mystery about it. Every shot leaves you thinking…..

Kittiwat Unarrom’s got a bun in the oven

Kittiwat Unarrom is a Tai artist who has set his sights beyond the usual mediums. He bakes it!! All these severed human body parts are hand made out of bread at his family bakery in Taiwan. MMMMM….

Cole Barash Is a young photographer breaking the mold of traditional snowboard photography. No stock angles in his portfolio, just raw creativity. Check his new web site definite must see!

The Photography of Jan von Holleben

The German born photographer who moves back and forth between Germany and London is creating some amazingly fun and creative work. Who wouldn’t love this stuff?! Check out more here.

On assignment with Cheyenne Ellis

A little while ago, I had the inspirational opportunity to go on location with Cheyenne. We flew out to Colorado, drove to boulder, made it through the crazy weather and she answered my barrage of questions with honesty, intelligence and a smile. Here is one of the gorgeous shots she got between monsoons.

She is now a featured artist on Altpic and there is a spot on her at PDN Pulse.

She really is an amazing person who is doing some brilliant work.

Polly van der Glas Jewelry

not quite photo related but incredibly rad, dark and somewhat grotesque….this Melbourne-based jewelry designer Polly van der Glas sources her materials from friends and family who have been kind enough to offer (actual) parts of themselves. Check out more here.

once last horra

I’m going to be blowing my next paycheck on none other than as much medium format polaroid film as i can buy.

Yes, I am sure you are all tired of the myriads of bloggings flying about the web trying to save the polaroid. So i will just say only this, lets face it, the age of medium format polaroid is not-so-slowly becoming another little bump in photographic history, stock up and let it go.

In memory of the newly extinct medium format polaroid film i thought i would post my favorite polaroid photographer. The Polaroid Kid. His work is everything i love in photography…and there is an awesome interview with him featuring more of his picture on fecal face.
[slideshow id=2233785415182516847&w=426&h=320]
If you want to see more amazing polaroids or post your own check out