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BP’s Deja Vu

Undertow “testing the waters” Art Opening

If you weren’t here for the Undertow art opening on Friday you missed one awesome party! But the show will be up all week so come on in and check it out. Enjoy the video!

Undertow “Testing The Waters” from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Awesome Interview with Brain Farm

watch the interview here

As I’m sure you are all familiar with the pseudo recent epic snowboard documentary That’s It That’s All, by Travis Rice and Curt Morgan. The man’s quiver is extensive and his films are impressive. Watch more of his work, online at the creators project or check out brain farm, his website.

NEMO FIRST FRIDAY!!! “Undertow:Testing The Waters”


NemoHQ Presents: Undertow: Testing The Waters
Artwork by Undertow

Portland, Ore – May 18, 2010 – NemoHQ is proud to present the work of local artists, Undertow in “Testing The Waters,” curated by NEMO opening Friday, June 4, 2010 6-10 pm. The show will run through Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at NemoHQ – 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR.

“Testing The Waters” is the debut art show for three best friends and former college classmates who share the same passion for art, design, and ground beef tacos. Since moving to Portland a little over two years ago, all three artists have collaborated to create an art collective that serves as a creative outlet for their graphic style and subject matter. That art collective became Undertow: three aquatic-based creatures that are visual representations of each artist’s personalities and interests. The art and design in “Testing The Waters” features not only the experiences, inspirations, and commentary of the artists, but also a collaboration with the Jordan Brand to give back to a local charity. 100% of the proceeds for select pieces will be matched by the Jordan Brand and donated to St. Mary’s Boys Home.

Artist Statement:
About Toyhippo: Undertow’s only freshwater creature is Toyhippo. The art surrounding Toyhippo is mostly drawn from life experiences and encounters. His expression reveals his quirky, silly, and sometimes perplexed personality. Although colorful and friendly, he also tends to get rather handsy after a couple long islands, especially in the company of lady wildebeests.

About Ohb:
Ohb is Undertow’s deepest lurking and most mysterious creature. His art is centered around not only his secretive nature, but includes a fusion with other inspirational and iconic land creatures (humans). Ohb can be a little too intense at times, but everyone seems to get along with him fine as long as he washes his tentacles after emitting ink. He does have a bit of a temper. We are helping him work on that.

About Whalington:
Finally, Undertow’s rarest creature is Whalington. The subject of Whalington’s art is his scarce and endangered condition, which often displays threats to his well-being, as he is the only one left of his kind. Though he appears aloof, he is merely a sensitive chap who just needs a little encouragement. Frankly, we could all do without his passive aggressiveness. Don’t mention the overbite as confidence is already an issue here.

The NEW Michael Cogliantry!

He has done it! Officially made his website a-new. His work always has amazing personality and a sense of fun; to give us a hint of the fun his shoots really are he give us as much behind the scenes action as he can! His new site is not only easy to navigate but its set up in blog format so we get a fresh update as soon as he can show us! Michael, we will continue to enjoy your amazing website.

Here’s a job he did for bell with Studio Nemo. See I told you…fun!


Bell One Step Behind the Scenes Video from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.

Join US for 180 South


The awesomeness is flying in today!

Watch the 180 South teaser here!

Chris Malloy’s 180º South made its world premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Fest, and now the boys are taking the show on the road. Starting this Saturday in San Diego, please join us for any of the upcoming premieres and stick around for some Q&A with the Malloys and Jeff Johnson… plus a musical performance by special guest Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. Tickets and showtimes at

Mark Warren Jacques & Seth Neefus’ Traveling Art Show

8Yesterday evening i received a wonderful surprise….a Mr Seth Neefus, he was making his rounds promoting his new traveling art exhibit Free Life Center. Which launches this Wednesday – May 26th – 8PM at the Holocene – 1001 SE Morrison – Portland, OR – 97214. Entry is $5 – All proceeds benefit Free Life Center’s west coast tour.

For just 5 bones you are sure to be entertained with enchanting musical performances by Inside VoicesE.B. Harris & the Afterlife RevivalPioneerTasche de la RochaWeaver, & The Old Friend Band. I’m sure I will see you there!

Heres some more info on the tour and exhibit:

Hello Friends,
The time has finally come for us to hit the road with Free Life Center. Its an exciting time. We have almost three months of
exhibitions planned, that will take us from Vancouver B.C to San Diego with stops all along the way. Its sure to be an amazing journey.
And so it is with complete joy that we invite you and all your friends to the Free Life Center launch party. This magic send off will include the unveiling of the Free Life Center structure, exhibited for the first time in its fully realized form, complete with art, video, color, sound, and love.
The night also marks the release of Free Life Journal – Entry two -Building, a new publication documenting the construction of the structure. Produced in collaboration with the independent publishing house Container Corps.

MASH SF at Project Space

One of the most entertaining, fun and laid back clients I have ever had the opportunity to work with is hands down Globe Bicycles. The brains behind the brand are not only actually avid bicyclists but they are intelligent, stylish, friendly and just all around cool people! One of the brains on two wheels is Garrett Chow, who is part of a group of like minded gas haters who call themselves MASH. They will be at Arkitip’s Project Space in LA this weekend….check it out!


22 May 2010 – 6 June 2010

The sport of cycling is one for all. The professional sport of cycling is one for a select few. By invite only, you have to prove your worth on the roads to share with the PRO peloton. The Tour of California, the premier stage race in the USA, attracts the highest level of riders from that PRO peloton. And then there is us.

We are an enthusiastic group of cyclists who have come from various endeavors to focus and share our passion for riding bikes. Not to be told where, with whom, or what we can ride, we enjoy the challenges associated with doing what we feel. Crashing the course of the 2009 Tour of California was such a challenge. 9 Days, 700 Miles, one gear ratio at a time.

The show presented along Arkitip and Incase is a summation of the time we spent on our bikes. Artifacts and documentation of the events and effort put into such a pleasurable feat are on display to show a glimpse of what it is like to challenge yourself and the machines we ride.

Please join us for…

Revisit MASH Tour of California

Video presentation, photography installations, award ceremony and much more.

22 May 2010 – 6 June 2010

Opening reception
Saturday 22 May 2010
18:00 – 22:00 PST

Project Space
603 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036
+1 323 938 8818 Telephone

Wednesday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00 PST

The Anguish of Chernobyl By Jim Krantz

Picture 1Picture 3 Picture 2

“The Anguish of Chernobyl”, a look at Jim Krantz’s documentary project in the “Forbidden Zone” and the village” inhabitants occupying the forgotten and overlooked world they survive in.

A stunningly beautiful essay by Photographer Jim Krantz. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chernobyl disaster, it was what is considered one of the worlds worst nuclear power plant accidents. Back in 1986, there was a reactor meltdown and the power plant caught fire which sent a plume of nuclear smoke over large parts of Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as the Soviet Union. 60% of the fall out landed in Belarus. As you can imagine this caused a major evacuation and deterioration of the civilization. Chernobyl Ukraine is now considered one of the most radioactive places on the planet.

Although the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and certain limited areas remain off limits, the majority of affected areas are now considered safe for settlement and economic activity, however due to the fear of exposure those areas remain nearly desolate.

Vice also did an awesomely entertaining piece in The Vice Guide to Travel on the radioactive land of Chernobyl…watch it below.

Insane Jail Sentence For Street Artist “poster boy”


4563718177_69eb2f2aba 4561117105_9066e745fb

Poster Boy is a New York City based street artist. By using a razor, Poster Boy slices up advertisements in the subway system to create completely original works of art. Due to the illegal nature of his work, Poster Boy remains anonymous. Well, anonymous until the recent events involving the young artist being sentenced to nearly a year in prison! Read more on the scorned judge who passed this rediculious verdict! Come on! I cant believe its a crime to make harmless art and have some fun with our surroundings by reconstructing the visual stimulants that are constantly forced upon us!

High Cascade Photo Workshop

Untitled from Kari Rowe on Vimeo.

Its that time of year again! When the sun starts to peak out, the rain slows and the snow starts to disappear….well most of the snow. Those of us who live in the great state of Oregon are lucky enough to have the glacier. That’s right, Timberline‘s own summer snowy play zone!

To make the summers up there even more amazing, there is High Cascade Snowboard Camp. A camp strategically nestled in a tiny mountain town a mere 10 min from the glacier; created for the active souls who just don’t want to stop riding even when its 73 and sunny. Every year they collaborate with Snowboard Photo Legend and founder of Nemo, Trevor Graves to form the most amazingly fun and educational snowboard photography class EVER!

This year anyone who comes to the photo camp will be schooled by the photo genius of Mr Andy Wright, Sir Tim Zimmerman, the lovely Christy Chaloux and the tiny wonder Kari Rowe! I have it on good authority that the people behind the class are on a mission to bring in some amazing guest speakers this year…snow photogs from around the world who are at the top of their game. You will leave this class with not only a better knowledge of your camera, and a new mind for business but a whole new network of contacts and riders to kick start your career.

Come join us August 5-10th and learn all your brain will let you about snowboard photography and how to kick a**!!!

See you this summer!!!

Yann Gross Documents The First East African Skatepark


Kampala area & the first East African skatepark constructed by local youngsters in Uganda.

Check out more from Yann Gross here and watch this video!

Kitintale from Yann Gross on Vimeo.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Our good pal, snowboarder of the vintage age and fellow creative Dave Seoane, stars in a video or two on this site! Peruse the rest of the the videos for more glimpses of Dave and a few other familiar faces.

So hilarious.

Mat Hoffman’s “The Birth of Big Air”


Get your asses down to the Tribeca Film Festival this Saturday to check out an inspiring and incredible documentary, “The Birth of Big Air.” It’s the story of BMX legend Mat Hoffman and his quest to take BMX further than anyone thought possible. It was produced by Dickhouse Entertainment’s Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, along with Mark Lewman of Nemo.

Two hours before the screening, there are going to be demos and more…the screening is free and open to the public!

Saturday April 24

World Financial Plaza (West Street between Vesey and Liberty)

Event: 6:00pm. Screening: 8:00pm.

Boogie: because we love him.

Was just treating myself to a peruse of some of his amazing work and thought I’d post a photo (or two) of the day!

These shots are from his Istanbul series…and they are seriously breathtaking.

Picture 2Picture 3

The Dirt Has Me Hooked.

The Dirt, probably the best autobiography i have ever started to read. From the first page to 5th chapter (about how far ive gotten) and I’m sure to the end you are reading as fast as you can, jaw on the floor and eye lids aching to be blinked. Those guys were gnarly even before they were Motley Crue. SERIOUSLY!

So in true photo-nerd form i immediately started searching the web for the best images i could find of these: hairspray laden, leather clad, sexually ambiguous, awe-inspiring, fashion trending, true 80’s hair metal bands.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far. Send me links to the rock images you had plastered in your locker or covering the walls of your room in your teenage years….I’m dying to see more!

Photo of the day.

Neil Krug is still killing it! Love his work.


Studio On Fire; Letterpress Magicians


Yesterday, I had a meeting with our lovely friend and amazing designer Nubby Twiglet; during which she directed me to a site that I then spent a good portion of my night (i should have spent packing) exploring. They are an amazing letterpress printing company. I promise, after you look at their website you will come up with a reason to work with them!

For you designers who read this blog and are already familiar with the amazing letterpress process, skip this section and just jump to the eye candy that is their website. But for you creative readers who don’t know about letterpress here’s the wikipedia definition so you can become a print master!!

In short, letterpress printing is the old school way to print and emboss amazing pieces. Peruse there site and you will see what i’m talking about.

If you missed it…

Our April First Friday show was a hit. Tyler Kolhoff showed his fantastic photography and the installation collaboration with Justin Gorman was incredible, as well. Special thanks go out to musical guests Guidance Counselor and Breakfast Mountain. Here is a sneak peak into Exhibit A. Come by for more…


In the Studio…

I had a visit from the lovely ladies of Hello Artists last week. It’s about time the NW has a home base for global talent! I got to meet and look through Marissa Kaiser’s books. I love her energy and subtle storytelling.

Picture 77Picture 75

Another tiny wonder…

Picture 15Olivia Bee Photography has shot for Converse and has some magazine covers under her belt already, and she is only 15. (record scratches, back up, rewind) 15 FIFTEEN. Yep. Holy cow. I’m speechless.

Kevin Pearce Injury Update

NBC’s Tom Brokaw visits the family of Kevin Pearce, he talks with KP’s amazing family about his olympic dreams, snowboaarding and the severe head injury he sustained during his training. It will be a long road to full recovery for our dear friend but we have confidence he will make it. Our thoughts are with you KP! Get better soon!

Watch the Video here.

Picture 3

Photo By Kari Rowe

Ummm, yeah….

So, I wish I had myself even a 1/8th as much together at 17 as this kid. HOLY %$((#$%&($#&%!!! Mike Bailey Gates, you are super cool. Can I meet your parents? Do they have a book on how to raise a super creative, driven, savvy kid? Do you want to come work for me?

Picture 10Picture 11Picture 12Picture 13

Right Brain Left Brain The New Think Thank Feature

The next think thank video begins the day after the premier of the current years. With their constant creativity, interesting mix of riders and new innovative riding how can you not be stoked the day the trailer for their new video hits the interweb.