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Pete Seeger Goodness!

The most amazing videos of Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest show are up on youtube. Amazing stuff! How could it not be with that name!

The Arcaic Work of Maria Pinar Yolacan

Maria is not only a talented photographer but she is creating her own photographic subjects…that being the clothing she makes from the remains of dead animals. To top this creative genius off she has chosen models from a small island in Brazil of ages 27-90. This is a great follow up to her earlier series of elderly women wearing apparel made of chicken skins. You can check out more of her work online.

PHOTO of the DAY – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….


Shout out to Ray Gordon

Ray is a Portland photographer and long time friend of nemo. He’s been killing it in the photo world over the years and yesterday, nemo finally had the pleasure of working with him. Wish i had more details on how his shoot went other than “they got the shot” and “it was sweltering”. But alas, i was unable to go on location with them. Pictures of that shoot are soon to come but in the mean time check out what hes got on his site.

Richardo Salamanca – Photo ILLUSTRATION of the day

Photo of the Day – Spencer Higgins

More from NYC

At the Le Book Connections event, I met and spoke with tons of agencies about their photographers. I really feel that overall, the agencies approaches to the event were pretty boring. Very few stood out in a see of books. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some incredible talent represented, but no one seemed to break the mold for their photographers. The one agency that actually caught my eye was Julian Richards. I think their photographers are interesting and I like the slightly irreverent way the agency came across. Here are some photos from their website, work by Chris Buck, Nick Meek and Lovely Perkin.


Check out this article with Julian Richards and you’ll see that the personality behind the talent is just as interesting…


Another little tidbit from nyc…

Here are some pics from the Leo Kesting Gallery. Ironically, my favorite gallery show I visited in NYC happened to be work from the lovely and talented Jonny Fenix (living right here in portland, or). The rocking gun is amazing! And Jon Benet Ramsey, Jesus riding a bronco, the purple tiger!!!! I love it all. I hope you all enjoy these pics. 

Mike Balakov – Lego recreations

Mike Balakov takes a lot of Lego pictures. This is a Lego recreation of Joe Rosenthal’s 1945 photograph “Raising the flag on Iwo Jima”. One of the most published photographs in history.

Just a taste…

I’ve been off traveling for work and pleasure, so I’ve been neglecting my blog duties, but Kari, Todd, Alex and Trevor have done a STELLAR job of posting interesting stuff in my absence (and when I’m here, as well). I have so much to write about, I don’t know where to start. 

I’ve been in NYC for the Le Book Connections event. I’ve got lots of photographers and agencies to rant about… but I’ll post in bits to keep you interested. I’ve also got great news to come on NY gallery shows, the lovely Dona and NYC street art. 

Before heading to NY, I shot up north to Connecticut  to visit my lovely Gram. Here’s me and Gram (obviously on an earlier trip, but we found some great old photos that I couldn’t pass up sharing). Highlight of the Grandma trip was definitely water aerobics at the retirement community! 



photo of the day

“Exemption from the Ordinary” by Adrian Williams

Photos of the Day

Esteban Schimpf plays with stereotypes and archetypal images. Weird and amazing…

PHOTO of the DAY – Leg Maul

leg wound

A little fodder for the holiday weekend…

images from the brooklyn museum


Romain Laurent- Photo of the Day

romain laurent was born in 1983, and studied design in paris. since 2006 he has been working as a freelance photographer in the french capital. he has a direct instinct for the realisation of contemporary themes and complex urban scenarios. the highly refined and sophisticated narrative form of his approach to photography has made romain laurent a major stylistic influence as the representative of a generation of young photographers.

Photo of the Day – Mayumi Lake

One of her least provocative images…


Chicago based artist Jenny Kendler explores mythical beauty, environmental ruin, and the often antagonistic relationship between humans and the rest of nature. 

Photos of the Day

Photographer Robyn Cumming  explores melancholy humor in her series called Lady Things. The series seems to express the ways in which women are sometimes eclipsed by notions of femininity. 


Documenting Olympic Destruction

French photographer Ambroise Tezenas‘ work Beijing: Theatre of the People is documenting the construction and destruction of Beijing’s ancient narrow alleyways, collective housing and ground level villages. China’s leap into global economics coupled with the 2008 Olympics is accelerating the disappearance of Beijing’s village past. Tezenas’ images capture a haunting vision of China’s past. The scenes are empty, yet suggestive of a presence, though not necessarily a living one.

On my own two feet.

There is a lot that goes into getting ready for a day of filming/shooting snowboarding in the back country. Wake up at dawn, gas/oil up the snowmobile, drive x amount of hours, unload, start up the sled and get up that hill. While it is very convenient rooping around on a sled to get the shot, being out is such beautiful scenery choking on the two stroke engine exhaust can take away from the experience. So what is a snowboard film crew to do? Well if your involved with Leeward Cinema you gather a group of riders, pack your provisions ,strap snowshoes/split-boards on your feet, hike out, and camp out in the snow for a few days documenting all shredding/ shenanigans along the way. No engine exhaust, no gasoline, no digging out a flipped over sled, (shudder) just hiking out, and taking time to really appreciate the whole experience. They have a laundry list of amazing riders to boot. The teaser is rad as well, I think the beetlejuice theme really tops it off. Good show guys/gals,can’t wait to see the final cut!

Click here to watch the teaser (click on “video” on the left hand side of the page)

Photo of the Day- Our Mascot

Geronimo our Photo mascot… adorable!

tools are cool?

I never thought id say this about Tools or Sears, but this is rad! Someone actually made this horrid 1470 piece tool set look amazing. I would have hated being the assistant on this shoot! But hell i guess when your trying to get people to drop 9 Gs on a tool set you’ve got to make it look this good.

PROPS to all those creative product photographers out there.

Lily McElroy Reenactment/The Finger Saga

I love Lily McElroy’s I Throw Myself at Men series so much, that I attempted to recreate her literal translation. I realized quickly what a dangerous undertaking this was and ended up with a broken pinky finger.

Amy Stein – Domesticated

American Photo Magazine calls Amy Stein one of the top 15 emerging photographers in the United States. With her latest series, “domesticated“, she says the photos serve as modern dioramas of our new natural history, exploring our paradoxical relationship with the “wild”. She also mentions the photographs are constructed based on oral histories and newspaper stories of both intentional and unintentional encounters between humans and wild animals set in a small town in PA bordering a state forest.

More of Amy Steins work after the jump.