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Plain T


Some style can’t be bought, stole, or taught.

Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko was born in St.Petersburg in 1962. Since 2005, he has lived and worked in both his beloved native city and in New York.

Photography as “art,” I sometimes have a hard time with. There are so many mechanical pieces to the image that are out of the photographers control that it is really hard to stand out and be original. Alexey has exploited the medium to own his original approach to tell a story about his surroundings.
“Titarenko’s image of St. Petersburg presents the compressed urban space as abounding in dichotomies and gray areas. In big cities, beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, education and ignorance, violence and serenity are never far apart.”
— Ferdinand Protzman

Crowd 2, 1993Crowd 3, 1993Heads, 1992Sennya Square in Summer, 1998

Terry Richardson and Kermit photoshoot


What do you get when you mix a provocative photographer, a reigning streetwear brand, and a certain chartreuse muppet? One not-to-be-missed show, that’s what. On March 3rd, Terry Richardson + Supreme + Kermit opens at Colette (Richardson has shot Supreme campaigns in the past), an photography exhibition featuring Richardson and Kermit, Kermit and a Supreme skate desk, someone dressed as Kermit dressed in Supreme…and just about every other combination of the three imaginable. No longer must you feel shame for being a Sesame Street fan.

Nemo’s Easter Party

Nemo’s first party of the year was a blast. Our white studio was christened with “the blood of christ” for Easter morn. Lots of sweaty dancing and happy faces, well, except when TG was shining the 15 watt video light in your eyes….   [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489185&w=425&h=350&fv=] posted with vodpod

Computerlove – Nemo Job Posting

Computerlove, an awesome creative networking site has not only got this great post as a tribute Rueters’ war photography, but is also featuring Nemo Design’s newest job posting for an Interactive Developer. Check it! 

Can a Photo Change the World?

What’s not seen in within the frame? Errol Morris, director of Fog of War is releasing a new film on April 25th. Standard Operating Procedure sets out to examine the context of the disturbing (clearly an understatement) Abu Ghraib photographs taken by prison soldiers.Historically, during wartime photography has been used to shape people’s perceptions about war, patriotism, and nationalism. And it’s been done quite effectively…think Jane Fonda with the Viet Cong, the staged photo in Iwo Jima of the flag raising, and countless others. Paradoxically, the photos surfaced from Abu Ghraib arguably did not carry the weight of collective shame as a nation or military or government, but rather, the shame and blame of a few. “Is it possible for a photograph to change the world? Photographs taken by soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison changed the war in Iraq and changed America’s image of itself. Yet, a central mystery remains. Did the notorious Abu Ghraib photographs constitute evidence of systematic abuse by the American military, or were they documenting the aberrant behavior of a few “bad apples”…In recent news reports, we have learned about the destruction of the Abu Zubaydah interrogation tapes. A coverup. It has been front page news. But the coverup at Abu Ghraib involved thousands of prisoners and hundreds of soldiers. We are still learning about the extent of it. “Check out the trailer [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.488342&w=425&h=350&fv=] posted with vodpod

Cole Barash in the Nemo studio

cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravesCole Barash stopped by the studio today to catch up and share some images from a recent Nike Snowboarding shoot. This was Cole’s first time in the birds and from the looks of the shots, he killed it! Location Terrace, BC, Stunt double, Eric Jackson. Roll the video!

Cole Barash interview from alex mertz on Vimeo.
cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravescole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor graves

Grocery Lists the New Autobiography

Performance artist Hillary Carlip just published her latest work titled, A la Carte: The secret lives of grocery shoppers. Over the years, she’s collected found shopping lists and in A la Carte she is photographed in 26 different personalities based on these found lists. She tackles questions like: “Who’s the person buying ‘Leche, Panpers, and Chanpu’? Or ‘Whole milk, heavy cream, Ice cream, cheese, and Gas-Ex’ (!!!)?”Hillary Carlip photographed by Barbara Green 

Shaun White or Shauna White?

Shauna White?Pictured here in the latest issue of ESPN magazine (shot by Sarah Friedman), Shaun represents the action sports audience by posing with his board across his shoulders and a Carrot Top fashion get up? Seriously? This pose just kills me. Sarah, you’re doing some great work with athletes, by why did you pull the stock and unflattering shot of Mr. White? On your website the shots of David Eckstein, Calvin Johnson, and even Michelle Wie were more “manly”. The stock shot of sitting on the deck or even the gangsta/ jock pose would have done more justice with this shot.Shaun white, saraha friedman, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboardwww.sarahafriedman.comShaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard Shaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard, carrot topShaun- you’re are on a roll and be careful not to turn into a puppet of the media. Keep it real!

PHOTO of the DAY – Death Grip

death grip

I-heart-photographers from down-under

Rosemary Laing  Esteemed Australian Photographer Rosemary Laing.  The images themselves are performance pieces.  THEY WERE NOT DIGITALLY MANIPULATED.  

WHAT’s THAT?? -03/18/08

Can you guess what this subject is?Hit us back with your guess.Guess the subject p.s. I’ll give you the answer tomorrow morning…. 

X-RAY MAN- Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey, nemo design, nemo productions, treovr graves

The lines between traditional photography and digital illustrations are being blurred. The work of Nick Veasey isn’t new but i stubbled upon it in the latest newletter from LeBook. The work is scientific and at the same time beautiful. the art work can only be created in the modern world.

Nick Veasey, nemo design, nemo productions, treovr graves

You don’t just decide one day to X-ray a 777. Nick Veasey worked his way
up – soda cans, sneakers, city buses – until one day he found himself in a
Boeing assembly facility outside of Seattle, manning the controls of a Murrell
Spectale X-ray machine and taking the measure of what might be the largest
object ever to be X-rayed. Veasey placed the individual components of a
disassembled 777 into the X-ray machine, which was housed in a lead-lined
bank vault to protect the photographer from radiation. Following the weeklong
shoot, the final image required another six months of assembly in Photoshop.

Nick Veasey, nemo design, nemo productions, treovr graves

Nick Veasey, nemo design, nemo productions, treovr graves

Nick Veasey, nemo design, nemo productions, treovr graves