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Time Piece by Plain T



Time, it does not exist. Right? Or at least it is about as real as state borders and longitudinal lines. Yet, this human construct is how we frame our lives. It tells us when to get up in the morning, when we can go home from work, or even when to eat. So it is no surprise that we as humans have been obsessed with creating functional and beautiful timepieces since time was of the essence.

            And nobody owns the creation of time like the Swiss, and mainly the swatch group. We all remember the hay days of the Swatch Watch, (and if you don’t, please leave our site now) inexpensive plastic fashion watches with real Swiss movements! Swatch means second watch and it was hot to wear more than one at a time, 80’s teens could often be found wearing 2 to 10 watches at once. Artists like Vivienne Westwood, Basquiat and Keith Haring were commissioned to design special models for Swatch, which took them to a cult status. Now days the Swatch watch is mostly overlooked here in North America, but few realize how broad the Swatch group is. Within the Swatch family are names like Calvin Klein, Rado, Tissot, and prestige brands like Omega, Breguet, Longines, and Glashutte. Pictured above is a Longines skeleton watch, skeleton is an industry term that refers to the watches movements being visible to the wearer, as you might imagine this design is a watch makers favorite. So weather you have $50 to drop on a watch or $500,000 there is a model for you, even though your ¼ million-dollar time piece still wont guarantee you wont miss your lunch date.

Photo Of the Day- Ramona Rosales


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One polaroid photographers take on the death of instant film.


Ever since Edwin H. Land dropped the Polaroid instant film cameras on the market in the late 40’s, generations of photographers have fallen in love with it’s instant gratification. Sadly as we know, Polaroid in ceasing all production of its film in early 2009. I came across this interesting interview with Polaroid photog Grant Hamilton on Josh Spear’s blog site. Just a little incite from a photographer whose main medium of photography is dying in front of our eyes. Read the interview here.

Charged! by Plain T

Big dreams need big hair…or at least a little volume. The peak of hair metal and glam rock may have passed, but the big hair, body suits, and supercharged androgyny has found a permanent place in pop culture’s ensemble. Epic groups like the New York Dolls, Motley Crue, and T-Rex made an unmistakable impact on the look of rock and roll across the world.

So having a big head isn’t always bad, right? In fact a magnification in attitude is directly proportionate to the magnification of ones hairstyle, which of course refers to volume, as opposed to density. Its just science. Getting started requires some tools; you will need hair product with a good strong hold and matte or dull finish (we don’t want to look like Ponyboy). Next comes the hardware, a good blow dryer, comb, brush, and flat iron is about all you need to do just about anything. Don’t skimp on your flat iron, a good one will last longer, work much better, and be easier on your hair. So mess it up, piece it out, keep it charged and, oh ya, be ready for and attitude adjustment!



In the 1970s there wasn’t a character bigger than EVEL KNIEVEL! The news of his passing on Nov 30th will be like asking me where I was on 9/11. Where do I begin? He has been called the God Father of Action Sports! Evel shut up and put up even when he knew he would get hurt or killed! In the end, inspired a whole generation to live in the warmth of the sun and never compromise your dreams and goals! As a 7-year-old kid on a BMX bike, I tried stunts I never would have thought about on my own. Landed some, came up short on many. Evel got up ever time. The quote that comes to mind after the jump in Wimbly was “a man is never a failure unless he refuses to get back up”. This guy was all broken and still had the guts to belt out words to live by. That was the mojo that made Evel headline news today, not the pills and rap video. The country was coming out of the Vietnam era and the national pride was bruised. Evel’s inspiration reminded the nation what made it great. I remember this interview with Evel where he had this amazing quote, Teddy Roosevelt said it originally and Evel put his spin on it:

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Evel Knievel/ Teddy Roosevelt

It’s funny how the reporters missed the real spark/ inspiration that made EVEL a legend. They talked about the recent stuff like Kanye West and the medication for the injuries. It was the showman ship ladies and gentleman. Before Tony Roberts did his motivational speeches it was EVEL, before Tony Hawk boosted his 900, it was EVEL, before rock stars knew how to party, it was EVEL, before the WWE had a stage, and again, it was EVEL!

Why is it that when we find a mentor or inspiration person they let us down in the end? Power corrupts and EVEL was no angel. I’ve hear first hand stories of how rude, mean and scitzo the guy really was. I scratch my head and wonder how we as a society reward these mean spirited, hypocritical people. A conclusion is that guys like Evel did what ever they pleased and had no apologies or remorse. They showed us how we could live the life we dream. Do you want to live in the grey twilight?