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Darren Almond: Moons of the Iapetus Ocean

The photographer Darren Almond travels to remote parts of the world in search of scenes and landscapes in which to capture the beauty of a long exposure and the full moon. Just stumbling into his work you would not know these bright yet eerie shots were taken in the dark of the night with out first reading the name. You can check out more about him and his work at White Cube.

Grass Photography by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey

photo used at 2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


While perusing the amazing design site of art group The Post Family, I came across the photographic work of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, who found a way to create complex photographic images in grass using photosensitive seeding in a dark room. Check out more here and here

Boy, By Scott Sternberg

Boy is a brilliant androgynous clothing line by Scott Sternberg the designer of the famous menswear line band of outsiders. Scott seems to have discovered a perfect combination of boyish inspiration with the femme fits and cuts. For years I have been shopping in the boy sections of second hand clothing stores, taking my findings home and altering them to fit me. Its good to see that someone in fashion has finally figured this out and created an amazing clothing line. The pictures really just seal the deal…

Juilia Fullerton-Batten’s – In Between

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a award winning young photographer from the UK. Her photos have an awkward, polished feel with her teenage models, which says a lot about those “in between” years as a young teenager. Those influential years a lot of us can relate to, not knowing exactly how the world works yet, not being completely opinionated, you find yourself well, floating.  Oh those gloriously awkward pimple filled days of young adulthood… sigh.

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Happy 100 year anniversary of the almost end of the world!

In the early morning of July 1st 1908 in Siberia, there was a great explosion. Eyewitnesses close to the explosion reported the loud thundering sound moving east to north. The sounds were accompanied by a shock-wave that knocked people to the ground and broke windows hundreds of miles away. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 830 square miles. Estimates of the energy of the blast to be about 1000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It is estimated that the earthquake from the blast would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale, which was not yet developed at the time. Since there was no discernible impact zone, meteor impact was ruled out, theories for the cause range from black holes, anti-matter, to a UFO crash. Today the more popular theory is whether it was a comet or meteor, it exploded 8 or 9 km over the earth’s surface, from immense built up pressure from traveling over 21,000mph into our atmosphere. Later in 1966 Guiness book of world records calculated that if it were to hit earth 4 hours and 47 min later it would have completly destroyed St. Petersburg, Russia! They say the earth gets these mid-sized hits once every 300 years or so. 100 down 200 more to go!

Trevor Paglen’s – The Other Night Sky

Since the launch of sputnik in 1957, amateur astronomers have been tracking the paths of satellites and recording their data for decades.  It is estimated that 189 “classified” satellites orbit our earth. Surely  being used for reconnaissance, and data gathering, it’s not hard to imagine that these, (as far as our government is concerned) “non- existent” satellites have more sinister applications.

Enter Trevor Paglen, artist-astronomer. With satellite data from “observer clubs” and special software designed to control a motorized tripod to follow the path of the stars (so they are static objects in the photo), you are then able to see the partial orbit of the “classified” satellite. In a recent interview Paglen said, “When you look at the number of satellites, what they’re doing and what they represent, it is really a vision of trying to have the world in your clutches.” All conspiracy theories aside you cant help but feel that “big brother” could actually be watching your every move. Bring on the tin foil hats!  Be sure to check out his art show coming to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2009.

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Amira Fritz’s Secret Garden

This German photographer currently lives in Paris and Berlin. She holds a degree in photography from the HGBLVA of Vienna. These shots create much room for the imagination…she doesn’t have much of an online presence but you can contact her through her website. She is part of the 23rd annual International festival of Fashion and Photography.

More NYC… best graffiti I saw

Here is some rad graffiti and wheat pasting art from NYC.

Annabel + Dorothee The Wedding Wizards

Lets face it, weddings are straight up cheese! You gather your family in their horrible outfits and stand in the middle of the tackiest church you can find in a desperate attempt to “make memories”. The photographers Annabel + Dorothee have what it takes to change (at least) the way these memories are documented.

The Mystery Of Martina Hoogland Ivanow

After you look through her work…you are left feeling incomplete, each piece has a distinct air of mystery about it. Every shot leaves you thinking…..

Photo of the day

I received this image via Ichat from my friend Andy this morning, after dropping my jaw in awe of the photo, he told me about this site where he found it. After finding this image in the midst of beer bongs and drunk ass collage kid photos, the updated header on the photo mentioned it was a staged photo by photographer David LaChapelle. Staged or not you can image the scenario. It’s like walking into the wrong hotel room, seeing the worlds shadiest party, and leaving with this image ingrained into your memory for all eternity. Enjoy the night terrors. :)

Mark Lagrange And His Beautiful Women

I’m pretty much blown away by this mans work. I am usually very skeptical about the photographers that think just because they can make a shot of a beautiful naked woman look good they are skilled! i mean really? how hard is it to make a gorgeous girl look good? But dare i say it, this mans an artist!

photo of the day

Kristopher Grunert imaging. Amazing light and architectural lines!

Peter Beste – True Norwegian Black metal

Peter Beste has spent the past 5 years documenting Norwegian black metal. A subculture known for its fast, loud music, gory stage shows, elaborate make-up and involvement in satanism. Not to mention the murders, torture, and even church burnings. Its a lot to take in, and Peter Beste lays it all out with this photo series. These photos act like a window in to the lives of the wicked. It is truly a fascinating and shocking series. No joke these artists eat, drink, sleep, black metal.

More here.

Plain T


Some style can’t be bought, stole, or taught.

NIKE 6.0 Lightning Bolts aka NEMO in China

In preparation for the Olympics in China, Nike 6.0 hosted the “Lightning Bolts” BMX Exhibition in Beijing. The event brought BMXing’s legends out to play. 6.0 riders put on a live demo and legends customized number plates for the art show. 

Nemo’s very own Mark Lewman, an OG of BMX’s Freestylin Magazine, was one of the brains behind the event. He has been hard at work creating an anniversary edition of Freestylin (that will have a very special limited release) and designing his very own number plate. YEAH Lew!

Read more about the event at hypebeast and 6.0s blog


Chicago based artist Jenny Kendler explores mythical beauty, environmental ruin, and the often antagonistic relationship between humans and the rest of nature. 

Photos of the Day

Photographer Robyn Cumming  explores melancholy humor in her series called Lady Things. The series seems to express the ways in which women are sometimes eclipsed by notions of femininity. 


Documenting Olympic Destruction

French photographer Ambroise Tezenas‘ work Beijing: Theatre of the People is documenting the construction and destruction of Beijing’s ancient narrow alleyways, collective housing and ground level villages. China’s leap into global economics coupled with the 2008 Olympics is accelerating the disappearance of Beijing’s village past. Tezenas’ images capture a haunting vision of China’s past. The scenes are empty, yet suggestive of a presence, though not necessarily a living one.

tools are cool?

I never thought id say this about Tools or Sears, but this is rad! Someone actually made this horrid 1470 piece tool set look amazing. I would have hated being the assistant on this shoot! But hell i guess when your trying to get people to drop 9 Gs on a tool set you’ve got to make it look this good.

PROPS to all those creative product photographers out there.

Nikon D3 vs. Canon EOS3

Canon vs. Nikon

The Story

It wasn’t an intentional test drive for either system… The harsh reality of shooting professionally,  is that ability overcomes harsh situations. This story outlines just such an event. Neither the Nikon D3 vs. Canon EOS3 is my primary system, my main “gun” is the Nikon D2X. Keep in mind, I am an old film guy who has taken on the learning curve of the digital world.

In all fairness to the tech geeks seeking out technical reviews on the camera systems, this story isn’t going to go there. It is more of an emotional walk with the camera systems just as a creative working a brush on their canvas. (more…)

Kate Moss Liberation. By Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane is an ex-designer for DIOR homme, and is accredited for putting men’s high-fashion on par with women’s. Most noted is his the thin silhouette of his menswear, which has even made his way into today’s street fashion. Along with apparel design, his background also includes: furniture design, store design, fragrance and photography. Which brings us to today’s post. His subject is Kate Moss. Yes, we have all seen Kate do her thing for the past decade but, still, to this day, she with Hedi behind the lens, they make some compelling imagery together. Without further ado…


Nemo Art Show First Friday

Nemo welcomes the amazing Michael Cogliantry and his Furry Kama Sutra show to our gallery on Friday, May 2nd. Cogliantry’s work is witty, humorous and a little dark. For his Furry Kama Sutra project he rented some of Vegas’ most colorful “by-the-hour” rooms as the backdrop for his hysterical twist on the Kama Sutra. Please join us for the show between 6-10pm on first Friday at Nemo” 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland, OR 97211

Photo Of The Day

Hunter S. Thompson’s photography is stunning. 

Fishing with Guns Circa 1960Fishing with Guns Circa 1960