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If you missed it…

Our April First Friday show was a hit. Tyler Kolhoff showed his fantastic photography and the installation collaboration with Justin Gorman was incredible, as well. Special thanks go out to musical guests Guidance Counselor and Breakfast Mountain. Here is a sneak peak into Exhibit A. Come by for more…


Another tiny wonder…

Picture 15Olivia Bee Photography has shot for Converse and has some magazine covers under her belt already, and she is only 15. (record scratches, back up, rewind) 15 FIFTEEN. Yep. Holy cow. I’m speechless.

These Americans

These amazing photos are documentary images from a project called These Americans which is a collection of archival footage between 1950 and 1980.

1a34083u master 9001a34170u master 900

Reflecting China_StudioNemo gallery 11.06.09

Photographers Shen Wei and Jane Tam are the guest artists in StudioNemo for the month of November. The Friday nigh show went great, and despite the chili weather the house was packed! Check it out!

Reflecting China_ StudioNemo 11.6.09 from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Proud to present….

Here at Studio Nemo we are proud, proud, proud to present the work we’ve been doing over the summer months. I travelled with an amazing crew of Nemo, Nike and Selby folks to NYC, New Jersey, Duluth, Tahiti, Florida and Georgia to capture this year’s Nike 6.0 apparel campaign on film. Todd Selby has incredible style and was great at getting Nike 6.0’s athletes to take us deeper into their everyday lives. Thank you to everyone who was involved. Check out The Selby and his post about the shoots. It’s amazing- Videos, interviews and photos from all the athletes.

Picture 6Picture 5Picture 46-24-09-bengeorgiac225136-24-09-ben-georgia204726-23-09-james-stewart200136-23-09-james-stewart18635

“Off The Clock” Nemo Gallery Show

Art and books by Nate Silverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh took refuge in our gallery for the month of October! The show was great so check it out what you may have missed.

Off The Clock Nemo Gallery Show from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Art show tonight! Don’t miss it!

The unbelievable duo that is N + A will exhibit their installations and launch their latest books this evening at Nemo Design. Come by, have a drink and be amazed.


Chet Childress + Bryce Kanights Nemo ollie

Bryce Kanights captured Chet Childress ollien’ out of the nemo loading dock onto the bank this last week. Austin Will was on the sidelines and this is what he captured.

Bryce & Chet @ Nemo HQ- Ollie into the Bank from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

MFNW is amazing!


If you haven’t already partaken of the festivities the past two days, start now and don’t stop! MFNW is killing it. I saw one of the best shows of my life last night. The Dirty Three played an amazing show. I’m convinced that Warren Ellis, Jim White, and Mick Turner are the holy trinity. It was incredible. I didn’t have my camera so I’m going to share some lovely photos from Green Man blog that capture the ball of energy that is Warren Ellis.


Tonight Pink Mountaintops!!!!!!!!!! I won’t forget the camera.

photo of the day- Macduff Everton

Landscapes aren’t always my thing, but these are incredible…

macduff evertonmcduffeverton2

Photo of the day

Way better than the crazy clownmobile that parades around Portland! These Pakistanis have some style!

 Enjoy Peter Grant’s amazing images.


Photographer of the day…Ghost. Sam Taylor Wood

Sam Taylor Wood’s Ghost images will haunt you…

wood3 wood1wood2

First Friday Art Show- Rooted in Stars and Magic

Come by this first friday from 6-10 pm and have a drink with us while we enjoy being Rooted in Stars and Magic. Jesse Reno’s abundance of work will fill the halls. 


Hood To Coast 2009

Nemo’s one and only Team Meat Omen gears up for another Hood To Coast relay. Sweat, blood, tears… and thats just getting the car decorated. Good luck guys and gals!

Hood To Coast 2009 from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly

StudioNemo’s August gallery show features  sculpture/painter Chris Donnelly and his take on our portland surroundings. Hope you enjoy!

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Rethinking the Dutch

Kathy Ryan, the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine (talk about an eye!) curated this month’s show “Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered,” at the Museum of the City of New York. The work casts a modern gaze upon the historic ties of Colonial Dutch New York and the Dutch masters. Dutch art holds a special place in my heart, as does photography, so imagine my surprise and joy at this show. The variance of light combined with rich textured work and secret glances give works like Hendrik Kerstens’s a nod to the old masters. Yet at the same time, Kerstens’s humor provides a modern twist, as with this photograph “Bag.”Bag by Hendrik Kerstens’s

In honor of the voyeur and the moonwalk

You may think I’m referring to Michael Jackson and our sick obsession with watching his downfall and death, but in fact I am talking about the first moonwalk, the OG moonwalk. The NY Times has a fantastic slideshow of David Burnett’s photography of the first shuttle launch to the moon. Rather than focus on the actual launch, Burnett covers what makes it a spectacle, the spectator. He turns his lens on the people watching the launch and succeeds in capturing a piece of history as interpreted by its participants. Interestingly, this act of turning the gaze upon spectator reveals certain power dynamics of the time, such as who was allowed to gaze and how. Burnett captures only white, middle class american subject and reveals that men capture the moment on camera. His snapshot of time carry so many interesting dynamics and touching scenes evocative of the moment, but it is also important to consider what is missing in these scenes that also tell a story. 

David BurnettDavid Burnett

Who, How, Now with Bryce Kanights part 1/3

“How much for the tai?”-BK

“It’s cool, she’s a hippie chick”-BK

Nemo Entertainment takes you into a day with Bryce Kanights. Insights, perspectives, personality and passion. Part 1: Bryce Kanights and Kevin Kowalski head to SE Portland to grab a photo at a secret backyard pool.


Bryce Kanights- Part 1 of 3 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.,

Space by Steven Kilzer

SPACE from Steven Kilzer on Vimeo.

Austin Will sent this to me to post today…

“Steven Kilzer is a very talented cinematographer, editor, and director.  Enjoy.”

-Austin Will

Ryan Bubnis pt. 2

Featured Artist- Ryan Bubnis- Pt.2 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

A look into local artist Ryan Bubnis’ living and work space. For more visit

First Friday Artist Exposed…

We visited Ryan Bubnis for a little studio time. Enjoy and come support on Friday…

Featured Artist- Ryan Bubnis from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

Beneath the Surface 5.1.09 by plainT

Beneath the Surface is the show for May at StudioNemo. It is a collection of surface design on different mediums by artists from around the world. Thanks a ton to the Pattern People girls, Andee, and the whole crew! The show is great, so take a look.

Nemo show “Beneath the Surface” 5/1/09 from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

May’s show is up on Urban Outfitters’ blog today…

Nemo’s art show for May is a collaboration with Portland’s Pattern People. It’s called Beneath the Surface. It’s an international sensation. So much so that Urban Outfitters put it up on their blog today. Check it…

Furverts is Out!


Remember Michael Cogliantry’s Furry Kama Sutra show at Nemo last year? Well, now you can enjoy it all day long, everyday, because it was just published. Michael’s book, Furverts, is available here. Buy one for all your friends.