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The Dirt Has Me Hooked.

The Dirt, probably the best autobiography i have ever started to read. From the first page to 5th chapter (about how far ive gotten) and I’m sure to the end you are reading as fast as you can, jaw on the floor and eye lids aching to be blinked. Those guys were gnarly even before they were Motley Crue. SERIOUSLY!

So in true photo-nerd form i immediately started searching the web for the best images i could find of these: hairspray laden, leather clad, sexually ambiguous, awe-inspiring, fashion trending, true 80’s hair metal bands.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far. Send me links to the rock images you had plastered in your locker or covering the walls of your room in your teenage years….I’m dying to see more!

Charged! by Plain T

Big dreams need big hair…or at least a little volume. The peak of hair metal and glam rock may have passed, but the big hair, body suits, and supercharged androgyny has found a permanent place in pop culture’s ensemble. Epic groups like the New York Dolls, Motley Crue, and T-Rex made an unmistakable impact on the look of rock and roll across the world.

So having a big head isn’t always bad, right? In fact a magnification in attitude is directly proportionate to the magnification of ones hairstyle, which of course refers to volume, as opposed to density. Its just science. Getting started requires some tools; you will need hair product with a good strong hold and matte or dull finish (we don’t want to look like Ponyboy). Next comes the hardware, a good blow dryer, comb, brush, and flat iron is about all you need to do just about anything. Don’t skimp on your flat iron, a good one will last longer, work much better, and be easier on your hair. So mess it up, piece it out, keep it charged and, oh ya, be ready for and attitude adjustment!