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Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko was born in St.Petersburg in 1962. Since 2005, he has lived and worked in both his beloved native city and in New York.

Photography as “art,” I sometimes have a hard time with. There are so many mechanical pieces to the image that are out of the photographers control that it is really hard to stand out and be original. Alexey has exploited the medium to own his original approach to tell a story about his surroundings.
“Titarenko’s image of St. Petersburg presents the compressed urban space as abounding in dichotomies and gray areas. In big cities, beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, education and ignorance, violence and serenity are never far apart.”
— Ferdinand Protzman

Crowd 2, 1993Crowd 3, 1993Heads, 1992Sennya Square in Summer, 1998