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Model Mayhem… For “professionals” only? HA!

Man, I received a message from my boss TG this morning that said: ” Seems you guys might have something to say about this site.” Ok, F.Y.I. I really have wanted to stay away from bashing and otherwise hating on other peoples way of doing what they do, art is relative, blah blah, but I can bite my tongue no longer… I’m talking to you. Well not the website it self, but more so the people the website has become populated with. I’m sure there is a small population of actual models and photographers looking to network and do legitimate work. Sadly, those few are vastly overshadowed by the sheer skull melting number of “models”¬† that look like they never got a call back from that¬† casting call and waiting for their “big break”! Everyone knows showing your tits means your a professional model, any minute now ladies you’ll be a star! Don’t get rid of that latex jumper just yet!

Then we have the what even modelmayhem fondly refers to in the FAQ section as “GWC’s” or Guy with camera, here is their definition straight from the site:

What is GWC?
GWC is an acronym for “Guy With Camera.” It’s a derogatory term for an amateur photographer. And it has taken the intraweb by storm thanks to MM. It usually implies that said guy is only interested in photography in order to get hot ladies to get nekkid for him.

(Case in point.)

That pretty much sums up a good 98% of photographers on this site. Not to worry fellas even though the site calls your scam out, there will always be nieve young models waiting to take their tops off for your “art” (boner material) that will one day make them famous! Take a look around, it looks like a fucking soft core porn site, of poor photographic caliber might I ad. The saying “everyone is beautiful” should be taken with a grain of salt in this case. Phew! Well, If you made it through the vomit of text I just spewed, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Especially if your a member of…I mean, ModelMayhem.

Mertzy, OUT!