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Get em did! By Plain T



The sun is coming an so are peeps, open toes, and unfortunately flip flops, which means the inevitable pedicure is fast approaching. So if you got your toes done up get the fingernails to match! Even if you’

re a turbo typing, rock climbing, function first girl there is no reason to neglect your digits. Treat those fingers like your cousins Monte Carlo, and put em on candy paint and dubs!

Above Kid sister is shown fronting her custom tips which she flips on a regular basis, to find out how find she is of this wild style watch her video Pro Nails featuring Kanye West. There she is shown flaunting dozens of styles and patterns, even black light colors! If it’s just not your style, give it a whirl, you may love your juicy tips, and for extra points coordinate a lollipop or gum to your color scheme. From the acrylic base to the gold on top, don’t be chippn’ and keep your nails like whoa!