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MSNBC Covers Kevin Pearce’s Return To The Mountian

His story continues to inspire us all. Read more here.

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Kevin Pearce Will Ride Again!

I read this article in the NY Times about kevin getting on a snowboard again and my heart skipped a beat! This boy who was at the top of the snowboard bracket when i met him, and yet still one of the most humble and kind people in the industry, is now going to be stepping back on to a board as man who has overcome hardships many of us cant even imagine.

The new york times stated “For the first time since Pearce’s life-altering accident, he will strap on a snowboard and glide down a mountain. He plans to ride Tuesday afternoon at Breckenridge, Colo., surrounded by friends in the snowboarding community and anyone else who wants to tag along.”

Photo By Kari Rowe

Congratulations Kevin! Wish we could be there with you in more than just spirit!

Sending our positive energy your way Kev!

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Kevin Pearce Injury Update

NBC’s Tom Brokaw visits the family of Kevin Pearce, he talks with KP’s amazing family about his olympic dreams, snowboaarding and the severe head injury he sustained during his training. It will be a long road to full recovery for our dear friend but we have confidence he will make it. Our thoughts are with you KP! Get better soon!

Watch the Video here.

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Photo By Kari Rowe