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One in 8 million

After a morning of brainstorming with our friend Jake Stangel; who, by the way, has an amazing project brewing. I sat down and lost myself in this site. Thanks for the recommendation jake! Its amazing.

New York is a city full of characters. Everyone has their own story, this project by the NY Times is a brief look into the lives of the individuals that make up that colorful community. The commentary from the individuals, sharing their story, the rough black and white imagery, and the grit of the city showing through every story, you are sure to be lost for hours in this site.

Hello Jake Stangel.

I had the lovely opportunity to meet with this talented and driven young man last week. Unfortunately for me, his stories stuck more readily in my scattered brain than his pictures…so now, a week later i have a hot minute to peruse his website and it only took seconds to recalled a few of my favorite shots. One of his stories is set on a farm in central flordia where he worked for room and board. In his free time he snapped off these wonderful shots. Keep up the great work Jake!

Check out his website where he has written the stories that correspond with each photo collection.

Baker Banked Slalom w/ Jake Stangel

Portland photog, Jake Stangel took a trip up to the 24th annual Mt. Baker Banked Slalom this year and has presented his article in an interesting format, like a mag quality story but for his web site. Solid portraits and and words from the riders really give you an “insiders” feel to what the Banked is all about. Target and Playstation be damned, this is real snowboarding! Check it out here.