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Chase Jarvis shoots a campaign in 180 seconds

We love Chase Jarvis– he is the master of photo efficiency. Aside from shooting breath-taking photos for some of the worlds biggest brands, he runs a non-stop photo blog, packed with more information than you know what to do with. I recently stumbled upon a video of Chase breaking down everything that goes into an advertising shoot- in under 4 minutes. This video is actually from 2008, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Pretty impressive how in 180 seconds he shows the 6 major steps to a successful shoot: concepts/contracts/pre-production; travel; scouting; shooting; post-production; and delivery.

Shaded by Plain T

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For those of us living above the 45th parallel, sun can be a relative term, but none the less summer approaches. The first piercing rays of the season will send you squinting into your bag in search of your favorite shades. Sunglasses can be a profound accessory that can bolster your style or tweak it completely. We wear them to protect us, as well as disconnect us from our surroundings. Pictured is one of fashions best-dressed males Marilyn Manson wearing a thick aviator frame in tortoise with a cognac colored gradient lens. Marilyn can often be seen red carpeting in the words of Corey Hart, wearing sunglasses at night. So weather you prefer an oversized pair of quilted Chanel, an iconic culture frame like Oakley Frogskins, or are looking to improve your golf game with Nike/Bausch and Lomb Maxsight contact lenses, just be sure to have them in arms reach when the sun makes its spring debut.