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“It’s Fun, It’s Easy, It’s a robot” …ummm what is it?

The GigaPan Epic is a little contraption that well, takes panoramic photos robotically. You just set your area that you want to cover, and this sucker goes to work. It takes hundreds of photos with robotic precision. You then run it through its software and it aligns and merges all the single images into one single cohesive panoramic. Basically takes all the fun of photoshopping all your images together and throws it out the window. Personally, I stay away from panos for that reason. But somewhere out there some sorry bastard is out of a job (pricetag is less than 400.00). Great timing GigaPan, Jeez! Click ahead to see the GigaPan in action at Obama’s inauguration, make sure to zoom in all the way, it’s pretty nuts. Check it here.