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If you missed it…

Our April First Friday show was a hit. Tyler Kolhoff showed his fantastic photography and the installation collaboration with Justin Gorman was incredible, as well. Special thanks go out to musical guests Guidance Counselor and Breakfast Mountain. Here is a sneak peak into Exhibit A. Come by for more…


“Off The Clock” Nemo Gallery Show

Art and books by Nate Silverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh took refuge in our gallery for the month of October! The show was great so check it out what you may have missed.

Off The Clock Nemo Gallery Show from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Art show tonight! Don’t miss it!

The unbelievable duo that is N + A will exhibit their installations and launch their latest books this evening at Nemo Design. Come by, have a drink and be amazed.


Nemo Gallery Shows Trending Rock Art

starsoftrackandfieldvolcano choir

Two of our lovely artists from previous show are featuring their work on album covers this month!
Jonny Fenix, lent not only the name of his art show (Time for Lions), but his talented hand to the new Stars of Track and Field album and website.

Justin Vernon, best known as Bon Iver, has a new side project called Volcano Choir (that’s fantastic!) and the cover of that album features artwork by last September’s artist Adrienne Deboer.

Both are really fantastic! Great job guys.

Jesse Reno, Rooted in Stars and Magic

Nemo Gallery show 09/09 Jesse Reno from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Jesse Reno showed his most recent collection at Nemo on friday. The show was titled “Rooted in Stars and Magic” if you missed the show here is a peak of what went down. Enjoy!

First Friday Art Show- Rooted in Stars and Magic

Come by this first friday from 6-10 pm and have a drink with us while we enjoy being Rooted in Stars and Magic. Jesse Reno’s abundance of work will fill the halls. 


Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly

StudioNemo’s August gallery show features  sculpture/painter Chris Donnelly and his take on our portland surroundings. Hope you enjoy!

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Ryan Bubnis pt. 2

Featured Artist- Ryan Bubnis- Pt.2 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

A look into local artist Ryan Bubnis’ living and work space. For more visit

First Friday June- SUPERSTITION!!!

PLEASE JOIN US THIS FRIDAY FROM 6-10 Pm for some superstitious enjoyment


Shift Blog features Nemo Art Show!

Picture 1

Just a preview of what’s to come…

Getting ready for our April art show next Friday, April 3rd, with Jonny Fenix and Blake Britton. Here’s a little taste… 



tonight, tonight, tonight (to the tune of phil collins)

This first friday please join us in welcoming two lovely lady photographers and the amazing sigmund henry. 


American Blur: Photos by May Juliette Barruel and Tamar Monhait


NEMO presents American Blur by May Juliette Barruel and Tamar Monhait, a photo exhibit opening on Friday, March 06, 2009 6-10pm. The show will run through Wednesday, April 01, 2009 at NEMO: 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR. The opening reception will include special musical guest, Sigmund Henry.

american pie. american eagle. american literature. american football. american cars. american dream. american english. american flag. american express. american dollar. american airlines. american idol. american frontier. american pitbull. american presidents. american blur. American Blur examines the images that make-up the “American” consciousness both individually and collectively. Barruel and Monhait exhibit work that creates the feeling of an overwhelming barrage of the social and physical landscapes identified as “American.”

A native of Grenoble, France and a resident of Portland, Oregon since 2000, May Juliette Barruel works as both an artist and curator. Her textile-based work and photography address the themes of nostalgia, foreignness, obsession and loss in an intimate and often voyeuristic fashion. As a curator, Barruel has been responsible for Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ downtown gallery since 2006. She also owns Nationale, a shop and gallery on Portland’s east side.

Barruel holds a master of arts degree in American Literature from l’Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle and a professional certificate from New England School of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Tamar Monhait ( is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. She was born and raised in Chicago and has spent time between the two cities studying Electrical Engineering and Art. Her work explores process, ritual, music mathematics, technology, and time. She has participated in group shows at Disjecta, Hall Gallery, PNCA, Mark Woolley, Jace Gace, and the Newberg Gallery at the Glasgow School of Art. She also had solo exhibitions at Stumptown Downtown.


Danielle Levitt at Nemo

Save the date! This show is going to be amazing. Powerhouse books has just published Danielle Levitt’s book We Are Experienced that takes an inside look at the teenagers of today. She is going to be gracing Portland and studio nemo with her presence. Don’t miss it!

Danielle Levitt in Newsweek

Our February First Friday art show will showcase Danielle Levitt’s work. Her recently release book, WE ARE EXPERIENCED, earned a write up in Newsweek. Check out the post online here… And join us on Feb. 6th from 6-10pm for the show here at Nemo.  

CONGRATS Danielle!!!!


LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin @ StudioNemo this Friday!


By Lucien Pellegrin

I gain inspiration from the clean, dirty, gritty subcultures of humanity who have been torn and beaten by a social construct that is no longer conducive for their personal condition. Through this inspiration, I see the Beauty in all that we are. In essence, there is no one way to live life, no right way to make art, no perfect way to die.

Lucien Pellegrin lives and works in Seattle as a teaching artist for a non-profit organization by the name of Arts Corps. Come check the Lucians art out Friday Dec 5th 6-10 PM at StudioNemo 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland,OR.




Thanksgiving is a group photography exhibit/silent auction. The exhibit is a free form salon style show. The photographers’ only direction was to photograph something or someone they are grateful for. Nemo is excited to welcome some incredible photographers who are donating their work in an effort to raise money for the Oregon Food Bank

Please join us for the silent auction, opening night, Friday, November 7th from 6-10pm. Every piece will be auctioned off at affordable prices, allowing people to own a piece of art and raise funds for a great cause at the same time.

An Art Retrospective by Nubby Twiglet @ StudioNemo

Nubby Twiglet Art Show @ Nemo Design from Austin Will on Vimeo.

On 10/3 StudioNemo was proud to host the fantastic work of Nemo Employee, Nubby Twiglet, AKA Shauna Haider. Nubby’s pop style art consists of stripes, shoes, and letterforms collaged on wood and ceramic, sealed in epoxy resin. The 30 pieces on display are compiled from three series and span over three years. We are ecstatic to have her work on our walls. Come in and check out Nubby’s art all month!!

The Preservation of Fleeting moments by Adrienne DeBoer @ StudioNemo

Adrienne DeBoer Photo Show at StudioNemo from alex mertz on Vimeo.

On 9/5 StudioNemo was proud to present Adreinne DeBoers “The Preservation of Fleeting Moments”. Adrienne explains that she is compelled to create a memory that will be transformed into the tangible before it is too late. Were excited to have her work on our walls, come in to check it out this month.

First Friday Gallery Show

Friday 09/05/08


1875 SE Belmont Ave. 


Please join us for First Friday at Nemo. We are excited to present the work of photographer Adrienne DeBoer. DeBoer explores memories through the topography of her childhood. Her work gives the viewer glimpses into issues of emotion, forgetting, tradition and collective realities. While a dark humor runs through the dreamy landscape, the more tangible reality of disconnection between childhood and adulthood; and the consciousness of city dweller vs. rural inhabitant are present throughout the work. 

Stapled and Torn Poster Show on Vimeo

First Friday Poster Show at Nemo Design/Studio Nemo featuring the Northwest’s best poster artists.

more about “Stapled and Torn Poster Show on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

Poster show at Nemo

Stapled and Torn showcases some of the most talented poster artists in the NW. Come by and check it out tomorrow Friday August 1st from 6pm-10pm at 1875 SE Belmont.