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Hernan Paganini Designing Product Photography

As someone who spends a lot of time in the studio with stylists and product I completely sympathies with the countless hours of folding and throwing, re-folding, creasing and bending to make this still life item feel as if it is moving naturally and perfectly at the same time. A weird way to think about fabric and other interesting textures but its the life of a product photographer and stylist. However difficult it is to make the product hang/fold perfectly, conceptualizing ways to show the product without being on a person or mannequin is the hardest part of the job. Hernan Paganini’s series for Catalogue Magazine takes an awesome and fresh approach to product as still life art. He approached each item as a piece of art itself, then built individual installations per item with colors and textures that reflect and compliment the individual piece resulting in a series both designers and photogrpahers can appreciate!

Travis Pastrana gets fashionably rad

If you open up the latest issue of GQ, you’ll see lots of metro dude stuff. But you also may find X-Games champ and lunatic extraordinaire Travis Pastrana gracing the pages in some damn fine suits. Travis rallied around the streets of downtown LA with photographer Peggy Sirota for the fashion piece on the summer’s “daredevil-ish” looks. Always fun/weird to see one of our own action sports athletes get all dressed up like a 9-5’er.
If you wanna be styled-out like Travis, the full article is here.

Foam Magazine

A magazine containing the perfect mix of fashion, action, ocean, art, and music. Its a great entertainer for those of us girls who like to get out there in lineup next to the guys, then head home and blast our old records while picking out our favorite outfit.

They feature female riders from all walks of life, and never cease to present them with fashionable grace and ease. Making the natural beauty of these ladies glow with their great selection of photography.

The past few issues have featured nike 6.0 athletes Monyca Bryne-Wickey and Malia Manuel. Shot by our very own, Kari Rowe.

Check out more about the nike 6.0 surf team, and the digital version of foam magazine.

Richard Avedon

His history of work has always inspired and amazed me….so i thought id share some of my favorites.

7l richard_avedon_m_08

Talk about location!!!!

Aren’t we lucky here in the great NW to have the locations that we have. I am so happy to see that someone is using it well…Check out the beautiful photos that Raymond Meier took for New York Times T Magazine in the Olympic National Forest.  

Camo-a-gogo by Plain T

Tired of standing out? Do you ever wish you could disappear, or just blend in? yes? Sweet, because Japanese designer Aya Tsukioka has got your  back! She has created a line of garments that transform you into inanimate objects such as vending machines, telephone booths, and fire hydrants. Aya’s inspiration was the threat of stalkers and the Ninja’s skill of concealment, which led her to seek solutions to let women hide in in their urban environment. So, ladies, next time that creepy dude that has been behind you for 8 blocks keeps lurking after you, just bust around the next corner and disguise yourself as a lowly telephone booth. And watch as your aggressor walks right by confused by his elusive prey.

Art From the Earth by Christine j. Brandt

Christine Brandt creates what I would classify as of the most gorgeous and unique jewelry I’ve ever seen. Being the hippie child I am the fact that she creates unique combinations of the stones meanings and powers makes me lover her work that much more.

My new favorite fashion photog…

David Slijper is my new favorite fashion photographer.

The Row Clothing

I guess I’m on a roll with the fashion posts… out Todd! The Row by none other than the Olsen twins believe it or not is pretty awesome. Other than the price tags this line is everything i could want in my closet. Versatile and simple….their images are strong and their promo video is pretty rad too.

Boy, By Scott Sternberg

Boy is a brilliant androgynous clothing line by Scott Sternberg the designer of the famous menswear line band of outsiders. Scott seems to have discovered a perfect combination of boyish inspiration with the femme fits and cuts. For years I have been shopping in the boy sections of second hand clothing stores, taking my findings home and altering them to fit me. Its good to see that someone in fashion has finally figured this out and created an amazing clothing line. The pictures really just seal the deal…

Mark Lagrange And His Beautiful Women

I’m pretty much blown away by this mans work. I am usually very skeptical about the photographers that think just because they can make a shot of a beautiful naked woman look good they are skilled! i mean really? how hard is it to make a gorgeous girl look good? But dare i say it, this mans an artist!

Thierry LeGoues – Soul

French fashion photographer Thierry LeGoues’ Soul series is both beautiful and provoking. Choosing “Soul” as this series title is very fitting, with the white set and the nude models and the fact that he is a “fashion” photographer, they have nothing to hide behind, both the model and photographer really are bearing their soul in the final image.

Photo of the Day

Burger Boots? Plain T, what are your thoughts on this trend? 

Kate Moss Liberation. By Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane is an ex-designer for DIOR homme, and is accredited for putting men’s high-fashion on par with women’s. Most noted is his the thin silhouette of his menswear, which has even made his way into today’s street fashion. Along with apparel design, his background also includes: furniture design, store design, fragrance and photography. Which brings us to today’s post. His subject is Kate Moss. Yes, we have all seen Kate do her thing for the past decade but, still, to this day, she with Hedi behind the lens, they make some compelling imagery together. Without further ado…


Herb Ritz

Herb Ritz

Herb Ritts is dead.
I stared across the table at Dona and I scrambled through my head to remember where and if I had even heard that. My first reaction was “No Way”. The 90s was filled with his imagery and I never remember him being an old guy per say. Tragically in 2002 on Dec 26th he passed on.

The conversation was about classy sexy imagery. Nude photography as an art form and differentiating plastic boobs and low budget porn was critical to the thinking. This brainstorm about photographers and their unique approaches to the subject lead to Herb’s “Wicked Game” video with Helena Christensen. He had clean lines and was able to keep the subject strong in all the work he presented. The film and the camera nor any technical wizardry was Herb’s signature to the work. You could feel that all his subjects were somehow emotional connected to Herb and in this creation process a trust was built. This sincerity became part of the strong lines and clean lighting to be a signature.

The memory of his work today was a testament to the work he created, His untimely death in many ways has immortalized the work.