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Learning and working and Working and learning…

So, here I am trying to wrap my jobs from the previous week, spending a little time in front of the computer today. I decided to listen to my friend Connie Wohn’s interview on the newly launched w+k radio and the experience snowballed!

They have some great podcasts available with visiting and in house talent. I was listening to an interview with Renny Gleason Global Director of Digital Strategies, and he gushed about this conference, TED, that’s happening as we speak. I had heard about it, but never grasped the impact this particular conference holds. This led me to the TED website where there are a plethora of inspirational, educational, and in all other ways fantastic presentation videos available. And interestingly (and relevant time-wise), they have launched an iphone app with videos of their presentations (YES!!!!!! For a person who loves her iphone mostly because it has a public radio application, I am ecstatic!). 

I began listening to the Jonathan Harris presentation and found myself mesmerized by a digital exploration of human emotions called, WE FEEL FINE (which, yes, I do realize I may be one of the last people on earth to have heard of this). Harris created a system that real time searches blogs for the occurrence of the phrases “I feel” or “I am feeling.” The result is an interactive experience that sorts and slices, by feeling, and or demographic. He talks about an emotional footprint that is left online. This footprint is not new, but maybe relevant because of the number of people it can track.

It’s like a global emotive meter. When I visited a few minutes ago, the above screen grab was the result. People in the world are 1st and foremost feeling like they are failures, and secondly, like the are lucky. It’s like an emotional reflection on the state of the economic global situation. It’s frightening, touching and somewhat consoling to know that there is a consensus.