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Deus Ex Machina- welcome to paradise

Head’s up- if you have any interest in surfboards, classic motorcycles, hand-painted art, custom bicycles, and/or photography, you may become extremely jealous after watching the following video. Deus Ex Machina, aka the “temple of enthusiasm,” is the brainchild of former surf photo legend and current ex-pat Dustin Humphrey. In 2006, Humphrey released Sipping Jetstreams, possibly the most successful and sought after photo book of this generation. In 2007, D. Hump disappeared completely, leaving the editorial surf world wondering where and why. Turns out he was putting all of his attnention into Deus Ex Machina in Bali, Indonesia- a paradise within a paradise. Take a tour of this wonderland in the video below. For further info on D. Hump and his what brought him to this new life, go here.

Deus Temple of Enthusiasm Walk Through. Canggu, Bali from Deus Bali on Vimeo.

Dustin Humphrey – Insight campaign – DOPAMINE

 The DOPAMINE campaign does an amazing job of bridging all the elements of different worlds into one unique message. In Action sports ya are never to dick with the performance of the athlete. Even thou the are not front and center, their action performance is still noted. The fashion aspect of the images makes the viewer wonder in awe of how did they do that. It evokes mystery for the brand Insight. WTF is this ad all about and why should I care? The ads make me want to dig deeper to learn more about the brains behind the branded advertisment. It has a MAD MAX meets VOGUE thing going on with it. Check the You Tube videos.