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More from NYC

At the Le Book Connections event, I met and spoke with tons of agencies about their photographers. I really feel that overall, the agencies approaches to the event were pretty boring. Very few stood out in a see of books. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some incredible talent represented, but no one seemed to break the mold for their photographers. The one agency that actually caught my eye was Julian Richards. I think their photographers are interesting and I like the slightly irreverent way the agency came across. Here are some photos from their website, work by Chris Buck, Nick Meek and Lovely Perkin.


Check out this article with Julian Richards and you’ll see that the personality behind the talent is just as interesting…

Just a taste…

I’ve been off traveling for work and pleasure, so I’ve been neglecting my blog duties, but Kari, Todd, Alex and Trevor have done a STELLAR job of posting interesting stuff in my absence (and when I’m here, as well). I have so much to write about, I don’t know where to start. 

I’ve been in NYC for the Le Book Connections event. I’ve got lots of photographers and agencies to rant about… but I’ll post in bits to keep you interested. I’ve also got great news to come on NY gallery shows, the lovely Dona and NYC street art. 

Before heading to NY, I shot up north to Connecticut  to visit my lovely Gram. Here’s me and Gram (obviously on an earlier trip, but we found some great old photos that I couldn’t pass up sharing). Highlight of the Grandma trip was definitely water aerobics at the retirement community!