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Cole Barash New Website Launch

Click Image To Check His New Site

Photo Grom Turned Photo Master

Cole Barash. The name that represents the aspiration of many photo groms today was a wide eyed photo grom himself not too long ago. Over the past years his hard work, dedication and mad skills have shot him to the height of snow photo fame!
Check out the interview with Mr. Barash himself in this months Steez Mag and take a trip down memory lane with our own Trevor Graves.

Cole’s exploding!

Our awesome friend, Cole Barash, has done it again. I am impressed, not only by his amazing photography, but also by his ever evolving level of production. Cole has never been one to shy away from BIG ideas. At 21, he is simply the best snowboard photographer shooting. I think he’s ready to break that mold, now. Enjoy this behind the scenes video from his latest antics… (at my home mountain, none the less)
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Behind the Scene with Cole Barash

Cole Barash on location at Mammoth

Cole Barash on location at Mammoth

Behind the Scenes with Cole Barash

PDN’s “30”, featuring Studionemo’s friends Corey Arnold and Cole Barash

We just received the new issue of PDN, inside they highlight their choice for their favorite 30 new and emerging photographers, 2 highlighted are Studionemo’s friends Cole Barash, and Corey Arnold. Click here to go to PDN’s online gallery featuring work from all 30 featured photographers.

Cole and his eternal repository of skill.

As photographers we are all tormented by the same story, you know, the one where the client or photo editor of any publication will undoubtedly pass over the countless gems and gold you sent in and pick that one piece of pyrite thrown in for good measure.

That historically unwavering tale changes a bit for our young friend Cole. He has not a single piece of pyrite with which to taunt his editors. However, his story takes a turn towards the norm in the chapter where the the shiniest of all his lifestyle gems remain unseen. Take a gander at a bit of his booty on the transworld website Cole Barash Photography Collection. Its sure to make your jealous bone tickle…but if that doesn’t put the feather to your jealous joint his blog surely will.

Nemo’s Solid Gold Prom

A BIG thanks to everyone who came we raised a ton of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! the forum crew who was shooting in the studio with photographer Cole Barash came and made it a real nemo party! like TG says “its not a nemo party until someone gets laid, someone gets hurt, someone pukes and something gets broken!” Can’t say for sure about the first one (it was Prom after all) but i witnessed first hand the other 3!

Thanks again everybody it was for an amazing cause!

Check out the photobooth pictures.

Cole Barash – Snowboarding 2008

HCSC – Photo worksop – Cole Barash from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Cole Barash Is a young photographer breaking the mold of traditional snowboard photography. No stock angles in his portfolio, just raw creativity. Check his new web site definite must see!

Photo of the day -Cole Barash in Alaska

Picnic table, alaska

PHOTO of the DAY – Cole Barash

cole barash shoots eric jackson for nike

Cole Barash in the Nemo studio

cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravesCole Barash stopped by the studio today to catch up and share some images from a recent Nike Snowboarding shoot. This was Cole’s first time in the birds and from the looks of the shots, he killed it! Location Terrace, BC, Stunt double, Eric Jackson. Roll the video!

Cole Barash interview from alex mertz on Vimeo.
cole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor gravescole barash, nike snowboarding, eric jackson, nemo productions, trevor graves