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Future (or present) Fossils of Photography By Bughouse

Artists Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson from Los Angeles design studio Bughouse have created some awesome sculptures which are individually hand-cast in cement and then color-stained to bring out the subtleties. Its funny that the title is Future Fossils, because as far as the world of photography in this new year of 2012 and the past 10 for that matter, the sculpted cameras are fossils of a photo generation past.

Technology- Shoot from the hip… really!

Sony's new Alpha A300 DLSRSony’s new Alpha A300 digital SLR is simply revolutionary… and by that I mean it really is a simple addition that makes it so revolutionary. They’ve added a tilting preview screen so you can compose your shots similar to a compact point and shoot camera.  This has previously been a problem because the few DSLR models that have a preview screen, can’t seems to focus. Sony fixed this problem by adding another sensor. Simple, but genius. Lots of shooters might say that you can’t compose a photo with a screen, but I say, now you can literally shoot from the hip, while composing on your tilted preview screen. Pretty nifty.