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Digitally retro with Holga + Canon

Wanna be retro and cool? Of course you do. Everybody these days has a Holga camera, so how do you take that fun to the next level? Throw that cheapo plastic lens on your pro DSLR. HolgaDirect now makes a conversion kit, allowing Nikon and Canon cameras to accept a full range of the toy lenses including a macro, telephoto, and wide angle. This is actually a pretty cool way to get the Holga feel with none of the hassle or cost of developing and printing the film. The kit runs about $70, check it out here.

TtV Cameras

TtV stands for through-the-viewer, and it has quickly become a fun new way to add some character to your photos. The process is simple: find a top-view medium format camera, fashion a tube to prevent light leaks and reflections, jam your DSLR into one end and your hasselblad into the other, start getting retro! The result is a nostalgic, vignetted image that can be taken digitally. for better directions and some cool images, go here.