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Events- Whitney Biennial 2008

Mk GuthMK GuthOregon artist MK Guth will exhibit at the Whitney Biennial 2008, beginning on March 6th. Guth uses a variety of media to display her work. Her latest project, “Ties of Protection and Safe Keeping,” joins an increasingly participatory trend in the art world. Using the multiplicity of meaning behind braids, Guth weaves strips of fabric with messages people like you and me write to her, answering the question, “what is worth protecting?” One of the most interesting things about this project is the “meaning making”  behind it. The responses to her question can be social, local, political, personal, or all the above. Her project’s meaning takes different shape each time a strip of cloth answering her question is added to the braid. Guth’s projects over the past few years have taken many manifestations of the braid, including these photos of her performing with the braids as extensions. I love the idea of using braids, there are so many cultural meanings to draw from the plait.